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... My diet currently consists of steamed vegetables, chicken, fish, olive oil, and salt. I still have burning in spite of this effort. ... (0 replies)
... Started strict LPR diet and take Gaviscon after eating. Seems to be helping some but today was coughing again when I tried to talk. Spoke with someone in Dr. Jamie Koufmann's office. ... (1 replies)
... Hi guys, Just wanted to put in a quick post because I am making some progress with my 6 year old son's LPR and acid reflux. Months ago, I was at a complete loss for what to do. ... (24 replies)

... I believe the diet modification is the very best thing you can do. I went thru a period of time with NO coffee, chocolate, tomato products or citrus. ... (1 replies)
... There's also the thing with having the flu twice in a year, and I've also read that things like that can bring LPR on. But I am determined to beat it, especially considering how my symptoms are slowly but surely improving as I've mentioned. ... (0 replies)
... At the time of my second endoscopy I don't believe I had lost any weight, so I'm not sure why they said they didn't see one. I've been obese most of my life but recently I've been dealing with spine issues so I've had to lose about 50lbs in preparation for surgery at some point. (20 more lbs to go on that front) Which is a bit why I'm confused my reflux symptoms have... (2 replies)
... I've been struggling with LPR symptoms for about six months now and I'm extremely limited in my ability to treat them. I'll provide background information before getting back to that. ... (11 replies)
... I tried low acid diet without much change. I eat very healthily anyway. I rcently decided to eat anything to see if it made a differenc. ... (2 replies)
... Unfortunately your daughter may never be able to go back to eating the way she would like or as she did before the onset of her symptoms. Diet is the most important part of getting this under control and it usually doesn't happen overnight. The previous post has very helpful suggestions. ... (3 replies)
Is LPR or not??
Feb 21, 2016
... Hi Fed Up 83. You might go back to your GP and see if he/she wants to try a different acid reflux medication. They might also want you stay on it for more than 2 weeks. I have gotten relief from Gaviscon Advance so you might ask your doctor if some over-the-counter remedies could be right for you. I would also suggest that you consider seeing a gastroenterologist for an... (10 replies)
Is LPR or not??
Feb 21, 2016
... I'm new here. I been reading other threads in regards to LPR and I have all the symptoms but then I wonder if it Is something else as I have not been diagnosed yet! It's all started around a year ago after lunch. ... (10 replies)
... have you tried the alkaline diet for at least 6 months to a year min ? ... (9 replies)
... Invisible illnesses hold such complexities that I feel Shakespeare could not capture the intricacy that come with combating a health affliction that hides in the shadows of our anatomy. I have been grappling with internal warfare and this invisible illness since I can remember. About age 8 or so I recall knowing I was “different” from the other kids … my pale face, extreme... (9 replies)
... liquor til bedtime frequently, exercised not long after eating. Although I've always had a really healthy diet for my entire life. ... (2 replies)
... algae to my diet in powder form. Spirulina and Chlorella are the best! I use both. Do your research on them. I recommend the powder tru organic type. Good luck. ... (4 replies)
LPR- Questions
Jun 8, 2015
... My ENT looked and saw signs of LPR. She put me on a 6 week diet that I tried my best at. Seemed to help but still get these flare ups. ... (3 replies)
... Thank you Lacy for your response. I have cut alcohol out of the diet and am basically following the Kaufman diet as best I can. Would you have recommended doing a pH probe first? ... (5 replies)
... Thank you Lacy for your response. I have cut alcohol out of the diet and am basically following the Kaufman diet as best I can. Would you have recommended doing a pH probe first? ... (5 replies)
... Electracat10 -- it took a long time, but i got off PPI's fully about a year ago. They seemed to make everything worse and gave me SIBO as well. It was hard and very discouraging at times. I had more success with the FastTract diet, somewhat modified. Early on, I avoided all starches and carbs. More recently, I adhere to a fairly strict Paleo diet. When I do, that seems to... (18 replies)
... ms, lump in throat and chronic burning. I have used Dr. Jamie Koufman's induction diet. Dr. Koufman wrote a book about acid reflux and you can find her induction diet on the internet, but the book is very helpful. Her diet emphasizes low acid foods. ... (5 replies)

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