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Bile reflux agony
Mar 25, 2011
... i have bile reflux and if it is indeed what you have dexilant wont do s*** i've been taking ppi's for 7 months with 0 improvement, i spit bile in the morning and my endoscopy showed a bile pool in my stomach now im scheduled for a Bilitec (Bilimetry) that measures bile reflux, i still have my gallbladder and i have no gallstones, i've taken domperidone, prilosec, nexium,... (5 replies)
... You should definitely see a doctor. What you describe could be related to acid reflux so you may need medication to manage it but, regardless of the cause, if you're throwing up every morning you should see a doctor. ... (1 replies)
... I just need a general idea!! This has been happening for the past 4 months ish.. ... (1 replies)

... For the last approx. ... (2 replies)
... I've weaned off completely for one reason after learning that all anti acid medications are not good for anyone because your body does need some acid in your stomach. However, everyone's body is different and everyone's health situation may be different. ... (7 replies)
... When I started with symptoms a year ago my symptoms were SOOO mild, a little burning in stomach and a weird taste on my tongue. I have posted before that it started when I was taking fish oil supplements. ... (1 replies)
... I got my Acid reflux under control this summer by taking Nexium in the morning, then Ranitadine at night. I felt very good, but then a follow up visit to the doctor he said I needed to ween off the Ranitadine as the body can get used to it, but can go on it again. ... (3 replies)
... p. I am having trouble downing anything, and I think this problem has now also become psychological, I fear eating out with people incase anything happens during the meal. I get anxiety every time I have to eat with someone. ... (3 replies)
... i have a bile pool in my stomach (endoscopy) and i spit yellow bile every single morning and wake up with a bad taste in mouth, i'm hoarse 24/7, get bloated and burp a lot, im scheduled for a bilitec (bilimetry) in a few days, that test measures bile reflux, i've been told im "imagining" my symptoms by the last dr i saw despite having pictures of my swollen larynx and my... (5 replies)
... yes, and he put me on previcid. This morning though i've been getting that nasty reflux. I've been spitting it out. ... (6 replies)
... Watch out for the Reglan. ... (12 replies)
... Hey glad to hear you finally getting some info. In order for them to do the ph test they will have to do a monamotry in order to properly place the cathoder tube for the ph test in the correct location as they need to know how long your esphogus is. ... (12 replies)
... i tried reglan but it caused me restlessness i couldn't stop moving or focus it was annoying, my dr gave me a prokinetic called levosulpiride (first time i hear of it) but everything he gave me i have to take it during the day and my problems are at night cause i spit bile in the morning (12 replies)
... Yes i sometimes feel nauseous in the morning and most of the day. Did you have reflux symptoms as well? ... (10 replies)
... Do you find you're MOST nauseous first thing in the morning? ... (10 replies)
... Well I only take it as needed. And it helps me keep stuff done. Rather than get the heartburn on the meds, I get mostly the reflux. On my 24 hour probe the dr. ... (41 replies)
Biology question
Jun 19, 2017
... If like me you have no gallbladder you may find the constant dripping of bile due to having nowhere to store it means it fills your stomach....this can cause gastritis. ... (3 replies)
... stomach contents in my mouth and almost throw up. ... (6 replies)
... Same thing happened to me my first day or my first job ever. In my case I ended up vomiting a huge amount of bile acid and I felt relief after and stuck with working that day. ... (6 replies)
... Try raising the head of his bed on 6" blocks Not eating within 3-4 hours before bed helps Tell him to sleep on his left side When his throat is irritated chewing gum promotes saliva which neutralises acid I take a low dose PPI in the morning and 2 tablespoons of liquid Gaviscon Double Action before bed And I have a tumbler of warm (not hot) water before bed and in the... (6 replies)

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