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... e. I have severe reflux issues and am now on Nexium 40mg a day. Hasn't helped my problems like I was hoping it would. I lay awake at night with a pounding heart, palpitations and what feels like someone squeezing or sitting on my chest. ... (2 replies)
... One night while sitting down eating dinner I had a large THUMP in my chest, it scared the daylights out of me and my heart raced for about an hour because I was so scared. ... (3 replies)
... Then, it got so I could barely eat anything without more bloating and burning. "Bloat, Burn and Fart" I would call it. It would take about 4 hours to feel normal again. ... (32 replies)

... I have all the symptoms you do too - I've had reflux since I was 26 and now I'm 40. I have been on ppis (Prilosec and Nexium) on and off for years. The Nexium is stronger and seems to help with the symptoms - which are much worse for me in the morning. (Nausea, lack of appetite, stomach discomfort). I am going in for my second endoscopy in 5 years just to make sure nothing... (32 replies)
... o iam also having trouble with what you guys call the shacking ,feeling in my chest.. But , I do notice that its only when i lay down to go to sleep.. As for the bloating feeling well i always carry that around it feels like all the time.. ... (32 replies)
... The feeling of bloating is way down now that I have been on Prilosec for a week. ... (32 replies)
... I just wanted to add regarding the apple cidar vinegar to be very careful and be sure to dilute it first with water and maybe some honey. I have been taking it and drinking it straight!! a big no no. My throat has been on fire for about a week and I attribute it to the vinegar. I'm going to the doctor later today to get some feedback about my new and ongoing symptoms. I... (32 replies)
... I have the same thing, someone told me that the correlation is because of the vegus nerve as far as GERD and Hiatal causing PVC's or palpitations they said that it may be aggrevating that nerve causing the palps. Not sure if they were a doctor or not but I have heard this before. ... (32 replies)
... So does the heart palp thing go along with the GERD and IBS combo? ... (32 replies)
... I can't imagine that grapefruit juice is helping your gastritis. It's very acidic. (32 replies)
... n when you think you're about to die when you have that sensation. I didn't know that I was having chest spasms until my doctor told me. A couple of times, the bloating and pressure had gotten so bad in my stomach that I thought my stomach was going to burst! ... (32 replies)
... able to feel my pulse everywhere and just donfeel right.not to depress you but has been going on for nearly three years now and have had all the tests ,cameras, heart test including stress test and echo cariograph. Am going for an ablation in the next few months but have little faith that this will solve problem. ... (32 replies)
... really associated all the PVC's and heart arrhythmias with the reflux problem until now. I do have lots of reflux lately, and lots of PVC's again. ... (32 replies)
... Just thought I would let you know my sister just told me last night she has the same problem with the injection before dental work, here heart will race like crazy after the injection so they changed the type of injection they give her. ... (32 replies)
... twice a day. The Omeprazole helped during the day, but the third evening the pain I felt was so horrid and intense! I visited the ER where they checked my heart and told me it was gastritis, dumped some maalox down my throat and sent me home. Advised me to follow up with my doctor. ... (32 replies)
... switched to Protonix two weeks ago and in the last three days I've had my first of three really horrible GERD attacks. I serioulsy thought I was going to have a heart attack. I called my husband at work and asked him to come home. I was really thinking about going to the ER. ... (32 replies)
... I was diagnosed with gerd two years ago after an upper GI test was done.....the majority of my symptom were stomach related...bloating, gnawing, etc. I would suggest that you get an upper GI test done....because your symptoms may be gerd related.....I take Losec 20 mg once a day and have for the last 2 two years....I have been almost symptom free since then...although lately... (3 replies)
... Trust me I know how you feel. I think with exception to your ear issue we have the same symptoms. I would wake up in the middle of the night with a pounding heart and difficulty breathing. I actually just went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago. ... (5 replies)
... ls like I can't exhale all the smoke and my mouth and throat now feels numb and trying the fodmap diet but now have cravings for sweets which I don't know causes bloating but I feel I'm ingesting air in my intestines and chest do you. And do you have anxiety? ... (5 replies)
... Hi Kristen. My GERD / anxiety started 1.5 years ago from a similar "traumatic" episode involving a drug (mephedrone) comedown. First of all, you are actually quite fortunate to have all those tests done on you. I only had the privilege of an endoscopy...and the doctor is quite confident with a diagnosis (i'm not so sure). You can rule anything "serious" out per se, because... (1 replies)

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