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... Sometimes these palpitations occur when my bubbling is really bad at night about an hour after eating, sometimes they happen with no other symptoms happening. ... (3 replies)
... i get that all the time from reflux, it feels like something is chugging up my chest and then it hits the back of my throat. sometimes it's silent and other times it's very loud and sounds like a drawn out croak. ... (1 replies)
... roat. It kinda felt like heart flutters but not exactly. I got kinda scared but just kinda forgot about it. Then it happened again only right in the middle pf my chest and just as quick as it started it stopped the second time. Does anyone else experience this with GERD? ... (1 replies)

... ematoma. Most painful thing ever but thats another story. Also the sound of the cough was nothing I have ever heard before, not whooping but worse and could hear bubbling in my lungs at night. 2 rounds of antibiotics in Feb. finally turned the yellow stuff to mostly clear but the cough continued. ... (4 replies)
... Presure my nose can be clear but I feel a presure behind my eyes and feel gas bubbling in my gut none of these conditions are from gerd or hiatal hernia? ... (6 replies)
... That's something like I have ,does it feel like a constant pressure in your throat? And I have hunger pangs even right after I eat do you? Does the throat feel like its tightning real hard when swallowing? (5 replies)
... Another feeling I get is this "bubbling" feeling in my throat and the middle of my chest accompanying the food not going down. A lot of air is coming back up whenever I eat, and I find myself belching constantly. ... (5 replies)
Help, PVVN/ LSN?
May 20, 2011
... Yes, It stinks and I know (almost) exactly what you are going through. I tried to get an appointment with my GP but couldn't so I saw someone else who refused to prescribe a benzo. My other doctor's say yes you need to be taking one, go see your GP. Argh! My GP has been left a message by one of my doctors and by myself. Still yet to hear from her. So as of now no relief from... (5 replies)
Help, PVVN/ LSN?
May 20, 2011
... However, when I eat.. all is well in the world. I have noticed that I burp a lot and these burps seems to correlate with my reflux events... not hard burps, soft bubbling feelings that creep up past my UES. My UES resting pressure and everything is good according to the tests, so god knows what is causing the spasm. ... (5 replies)
... GERD can cause all kinds of strange symptoms. At my sudden onset I had some of the muscle pain you're talking about, and tingling, etc. I thought I was having heart probs but I'm 37 and healthy (although sometimes a heavy drinker). My symptoms have come and gone, changed over time, etc., and for a while I was trying to convince myself it wasn't GERD-related, but eventually... (2 replies)
... I'm new to the forum as my doctor and I suspect that I have GER or GERD. I'm hoping others can identify with my experience and symptoms so that I can relax a bit. In late October I began experiencing an intermittent pain in my upper back that did not resemble muscle pain but felt like something was stuck. The feeling worsened after eating. I also was experiencing an... (2 replies)
... (5 replies)
... I had in the back and a tight feeling in the chest. All from mucos and food coming up to my throat. There was always a lot of bubbling going on. I'd wake upduring th night coughing and I'd have coughing spells during the day. ... (9 replies)
... For 7 years now I have had sharp chest pains with only it getting worse. Now as time has passed with this pain i get it more often and it now brings me to my knees. ... (5 replies)
... What is e.h.? And where do you get this medicine? Thank you so much for the help!!! (8 replies)
... gas ...but a couple of weeks ago it got so bad that i was having ectopics heartbeats i do get e.h. but they were more worse than normal the bubbling and rumbling in my chest upper gut was unbelievable .. ... (8 replies)
... lower chest area area and it goes sometimes higher up. ... (4 replies)
... It could be so many things, so you should really see a doctor. I was concerned when you said you don't go to the bathroom much. I don't know what your diet is like, but you should do the following: Drink at least 8 glasses of water daily; Eat plenty of fibre everyday, such as a high fibre cereal/oatmeal for breakfast, lots of vegetables (green ones are especially good),... (4 replies)
... lower chest area area and it goes sometimes higher up. ... (4 replies)
... Still didnt take the prevacid yet?????Pepcid is not going to do the job you know....Try the prevacid and give it a chance to work. (14 replies)

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