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... I don't take medicine for my acid reflux due to this phobia. It seems like every time I eat it feels like food gets stuck in lower throat and sometimes chest. ... (2 replies)
... Hey guys, I was diagnosed with acid reflux around 6 or 7 months ago after a pretty bad month long case of the flu that must have triggered something in my stomach or throat. ... (5 replies)
... For the past two months I've been dealing with some major acid issues. I've been on prilosec and I find it does okay until I eat or drink something wrong and im in pain! ... (1 replies)

... I have been dealing with acid reflux for about 14 years which has over this time gotten gradually much worse. As of now I suffer 7 days a week with no relief from antacids. ... (45 replies)
... though I still did not associate this the medication. It could be alleviated by burping but it was very hard for me to burp and it would take hours for the burps to come out. ... (4 replies)
... developing consistent heartburn, and I tried to stay away from tomatoes and spicy foods etc. But within this month I developed a sore throat which I thought was acid reflux but the on call dr determined it to be strep and gave me antibiotics. ... (7 replies)
... Did you have trouble breathing? Feel like a band around your mid section.? That's what I have been feeling' (1 replies)
... off acid reflux issues for a couple of years now, but it's all been manageable and more annoying than alarming. ... (1 replies)
... I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and have had severe Acid Reflux since I was about 13 weeks pregnant. By severe I mean I cannot eat ANYTHING or drink ANYTHING without burping or puking up food. ... (0 replies)
... Sounds like you could have acid reflux. The "discomfort in the sternum area" sounds like heartburn. Heartburn sometimes manifests this way. ... (3 replies)
... Wow I read you comments and saw myself in every one of your words. I was sick for an entire year, sometimes bed ridden, went through sooo many tests and all they found was a Hiatal hernia and Reflux. Everything then became a nightmare, just eating a piece of bread was scary to me. Until one day I got really fed up, just walked in unannounced in the doctors office and sat... (11 replies)
... (11 replies)
... My social life has been hit hard because its just not cricket to be burping out loud when you are a female. ... (11 replies)
... acid reflux for about a month now. I guess the only good thing is that I absolutely know that the strange burping is absolutely caused by my acid reflux. ... (18 replies)
... n't need tonsillectomy.He said it might be chronic tonsillitis. He asked me if I have heartburn, I said no. He said there is a very little chance that it can be acid reflux but if I don't have heartburn it is not. ... (0 replies)
... I have barely flatuated at all during this week. Any relief of discomfort in my abdominal area comes from prolonged and constant burping. ... (3 replies)
... tein digestion. But starches don't like to be mixed with acid. Their digestion is triggered by the enzymes from saliva, which provides alkaline conditions, not acid ones. Starch digestion will come to a complete stop if there is acid in the stomach. ... (6 replies)
... I think I did for about a month. Then I slipped off the wagon and have eaten terriable for a month. I was so hungry for yummy food. Of course it's all wrong for acid reflux. To make matter worse I had coffee 4 days in a row. Now I have so much mucus and coughing going on. I feel like I can't get a full breath. ... (8 replies)
... i would get back on the aciphex. thats what i have taken for years and i have no problems with reflux. was there a reason for the change to omeprazole? precious49 god bless you and yours today and everyday (8 replies)
... I am experiencing CONSTANT acid reflux and this has been going on for the past two weeks. ... (8 replies)

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