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... This sounds like esophageal spasms. Instead of going down, food goes part of the way down and then stays there so you have that stuck in the throat sensation, or it goes back up again. ... (10 replies)
... it's gross. sometimes I'll do one big cough up after going out to eat, and a whole bunch of pleghm snot comes up through my throat into my mouth. ... (8 replies)
... I always cough after eating and sometimes stuff comes up. Not like throw up but must be undigested food floating back up. Water makes me cough. ... (8 replies)

... Hi, for the past few months or so I've had to cough every time I finish eating a meal. It feels like I have mucus at the top of my lungs. ... (2 replies)
... Burning throat sensation at the bottom of my throat, even after taking meds like Gaviscon or even drinking water. Even oatmeal or salad sometimes causes it! Usually worst in the evening. ... (0 replies)
... has anyone had the lump in throat and coughing so much that you vomit up undigested food. this could happen anywhere from 20 mins. up to 3 or 4 hours after eating. ... (1 replies)
... so end up swallowing food quickly between breaths. ... (8 replies)
... e weight this past year so was wearing pants very tight and restricted at the waist so I began dieting a month ago, cut out all drinking and "bad" foods and soon after I started the diet I developed the chronic cough. ... (1 replies)
... I'm wondering if I now might have LPR... I often need to clear my throat alot.. which I used to think was from smoking, but after being smoke free for a month, I still have to do it, especially when talking... ... (4 replies)
... as if you had a gastric bypass. You want to avoid the food piling up in your stomach, which in turn makes the food build up near the lower esophageal sphinchter, which essentially puts the acid right up your esophagous. ... (13 replies)
... The PPI Nexium has been very effective in treating my LPR. However, I still suffer coughing bouts of up to an hour after trigger foods. ... (0 replies)
... better in just 4 freaking days! The coughing after meals, pnd, and hoarseness has also showed major improvement in just 4 days. ... (2 replies)
... If your just coughing it isn't related to GERD. Usually with GERD you will cough after eating. if your coughing and you haven't eaten in a while it's probably not GERD. ... (4 replies)
... I'm nearing 30 years old and have been coughing excessively after eating, lately. It feels like my airways are closing at times. ... (2 replies)
Please help me
Sep 27, 2012
... took a major turn for the worse though. My eating habits drastically changed, I went from having a healthy appetite to having none, I would get some serious pain after eating and food even came back into my mouth constantly and it seemed like I felt full even after only a few bites. ... (1 replies)
Quality of Life
Jul 2, 2012
... ot upright. If I drink a bunch of water and bend over it actually comes back up. If I sleep flat on my back, I wake up several times during the night choking and coughing on refluxed liquid. I hope it doesn't go down this path for you. It has been extremely frustrating and just disgusting. ... (28 replies)
... or rather, I will taste it at the back of my throat, but other than that, I've been fine. A little hoarseness when I speak from time to time, a little heartburn after eating, but generally nothing much to report other than the lump in the throat. No coughing, the occasional wheeze when I draw a deep breath, that sort of thing. ... (1 replies)
... those were the irritated vocal folds. That was over with pretty soon.... after a week I was fine again, but I knew that eating was not going to be as free and easy at it had been, I just had a feelikng. ... (119 replies)
... My wife and I have both had the sever pain in the are you indicate always from eating something heavy too late at night. ... (3 replies)
... Yesturday, i got one of these attacks about 3 hours after eating italian wedding soup mixed with jasmine rice, and peanut butter crackers. ... (3 replies)

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