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... I am sorry to hear you are dealing with this. I took 40 mg of Protonix and 300 mg of Ranitidine daily for 6 months for LPR. I qiut cold turkey last week after what appears to be a very successful Nissen redo. ... (39 replies)
... August of 2012 I started waking up in the middle of the night choking on vomit. This only happened when I ate right before bed. I didnt have any stomach or throat pain or sensations at all. ... (2 replies)
... years old. Try to eat right and not too much. ... (3 replies)

... I have been having acid reflux for two years now. It's gotten worse and worse despite all the things I've done to fix it. I am taking Protonix 2 pills in the morning and two at night as well as Ranitide before bed. ... (0 replies)
... you just manage it. I have been on daily Prilosec for several years. ... (19 replies)
... I am doing wonderful!!! I can eat spicy pizza, etc. I am no longer on medication. ... (20 replies)
... the PPI's have not been enough for me, but I have found if i had 300 mg zantac plus antacids before sleep, i dont wake up with a raw throat..otherwise i do. which to me suggests that zantac does make a differnce.. ... (107 replies)
... than went back to every day. I was sick again the end of Feb and came off my ppi for a week. Went back on it here and there, started getting worse again came off. I haven't had it now in a week. ... (12 replies)
... If I was as young as you are, I would try many alternative treatments before I would go the surgery route. The surgery helps a lot, but it also has other problems for me such as the inability to belch and vomit. ... (2 replies)
... Hi All. Well, I wish I had better news to report. Tomorrow I will have been off the Protonix for 4 weeks. I am convinced that this is Acid Rebound as I did not reflux or have heartburn on the simplest things in the past. ... (39 replies)
... mg daily of Prevacid allowed me to eat whatever I wanted without any symptoms. ... (0 replies)
... I feel bloated and full even if I eat a little bit. I also burp a lot and I have to sleep with two pillows under my wedge pillow or else I feel that my throat burns and chest pain too. All that has been going on since December till last week. ... (10 replies)
... been taking Protinix for two days and have also been taking Gaviston. I've been only eating applesauce, toast and oatmeal due to the nausea and fear of bringing on another attack. ... (1 replies)
... hey there :) have you tried different ppi's ? i started on omeprazole which didn't do anything, i never really had acid reflux but mainly emptyu stomach like cramps, my doc changed me to pantoprazole (protonix) which worked brilliantly, apparently pantoprazole is leaps and bounds ahead of the others. (25 replies)
... never heavy before bed. At this time I do not eat a whole lot or little at a time. ... (17 replies)
... So you've had all possible tests and they've ruled out heart related problems? I've just entered into the realm of GERD myself here recently. My symptoms started as chest pains (tightness) and I had heart palpitations also if/when I was working too hard. I went to the ER and everything checked out normal for me. At that point - they were blaming Anxiety and Asthma.... (5 replies)
... With LPR I've had the lump in throat for almost 2 years. I've been put on several PPIs and nothing seemed to work. One thing I noticed is the faster I ate the worst it would get. ... (25 replies)
Need Help
May 16, 2007
... This has been going on like this for a year and a half now. I get worried, because I heard you can get cancer from this. The meds help a little, but not when I sleep or bend. My doctor acts like it is no big deal. I have asked to see a specialist a few times, but he always wants to try something else. ... (8 replies)
... Nexium is supposed to be taken at least an hour before you eat. I have never had the side effects you mentioned, and am wondering if it can be partially from your diet or from a drug interation. ... (22 replies)
... smoker. Currently I'm on Zyban and soon will probably switch over to the patch. Anyways moving on... ... (10 replies)

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