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... Thnx for your reply. I also have very irritated throat and had bad mucus a few days which happily went away. I am getting ENT scope on Monday. ... (21 replies)
... Thanks for your replies and support. I go to the gastro in 2 weeks and see what he has to say. He may scope and then send me to the ENT. I will have to wait. I still feel quizzy when thinking about it. But your replies did help. ... (4 replies)
... strep came back negative...shes like okay let me send you to the ENT and luckily was able to see one within 2 days. ... (7 replies)

... andard is the Dexilant. Even with the additional meds, my symptoms didn't change. That lead me, and my docs, to believe the Dexilant was doing it's job and the cough was something else. ... (18 replies)
... Pain in chest, terrible globus always feeling food getting stuck, throat constriction, chest constriction, voice problems at times, cough like when you breathe in you have to cough, and BREATHING problems, which are the worst! ... (10 replies)
... The ENT might use a numbing spray or a numbing gel. It does work. It has never hurt me at all. The thing about the scope is that it doesn't go down very far so it is usually quick and easy with just a bit of quick discomfort. ... (8 replies)
... Thnx for the info. Hopefully my ENT will be able to shed some light on Monday when he does the throat scope. ... (21 replies)
... You probably have LPR, which is not serious. LPR means you have acid that's spilling over from your esophagus into your throat. Usually there is no heartburn with it. I went to an ENT in January for similar symptoms -- the phlegm in my throat was so bad it was making me cough, and I had also, around Christmas, started feeling a lump on left side of my throat when I swallow.... (5 replies)
... post nasal drip. I don't cough very often, but mostly I have coughing fits that seem to last for a couple of hours. And I pretty much always have some sort of sore throat. ... (12 replies)
... posts seem to suggsest that she is still on the asthma and allergy meds and has only been on a 2x daily dose of Prevacid since April 2006. But she says that her cough has dramatically improved since April, which is the most important thing. ... (15 replies)
... so, in a way all that i have to go off of that i actually even have LPR in the first place is the ENT looking down my throat with a scope, but i have just sort of trusted that he knew what he was talking about... ... (17 replies)
LPR/fecal smell
Sep 28, 2017
... entioned years ago by someone who said I smelt like crap and I sat beside her for over a year. This is causing me issues at college, where people always sniff or cough in my presence even if they never hold their nose. ... (4 replies)
... I have seen the ENT and they did a scope and said everything looked fine, that was a couple months ago during a spout I was feeling ok. Said it might be Cough Variant Asthma... not the case. I did a breathing test and my lungs performed well above that of my age group. ... (0 replies)
... nd coughing so hard and so often I injured some rib muscles and got an abdominal hematoma. Most painful thing ever but thats another story. Also the sound of the cough was nothing I have ever heard before, not whooping but worse and could hear bubbling in my lungs at night. 2 rounds of antibiotics in Feb. ... (4 replies)
... I've had a nose scope a few weeks ago by an ENT and he said everything looked fine. ... (1 replies)
... With acid reflux, the coughing could be coming from your lungs or your throat or both. Have you had a scope of your throat yet? ... (4 replies)
... With acid reflux, the coughing could be coming from your lungs or your throat or both. Have you had a scope of your throat yet? ... (4 replies)
... At this particular moment, my throat burns when breathing. When I cough it doesn't hurt, only when I breathe and breathe deeply. This may be unrelated. ... (0 replies)
... However, when the ENT did the scope he didn't see any irritation or inflammation. So I am confused. ... (17 replies)
... I was diagnosed by an ENT with LPR a little over two weeks ago. He did a scope through my nose to look at my throat. ... (17 replies)

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