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... Sometimes when my auntie eats or drinks it gets stuck in her throat and she cant swallow it and she ends up fainting.I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had this and if so what was the cause of it.Thanks. ... (0 replies)
... I was eating a steak the other day and it got stuck in my throat , I thought I was going to vomit but I manage to spit it out. This is a daily problem I can ot eat anything dry . ... (0 replies)
... hi.. im lyndsey im 31... about 6 days ago now i was eating a meal. chips.. potatoe skin and beans!.. then suddeny felt as if i had food stuck in my throat.. it so anoying and since then i cant eat much.. everthng eems to be getting stuck.,.and also scary incase i choke.. im really worried about it.. ... (2 replies)

... Chicken does it and dense bread like pound cake. Just gets stuck there... ... (12 replies)
... It's not often that I get the feeling that food is stuck. It's usually during some really trying stressful time that it happens. ... (12 replies)
... My lump is more on the right side of my throat and I have feeling of fullness on this side. Sometimes when I'm eating and swallow it feels like food goes straight up into my nose and other times it just gets stuck around my throat. ... (9 replies)
... Now I am eating a little, but I feel that after about 5 bites, it feels like with every bite, food gets stuck in my throat! I take some water, and it helps a little, but the feeling keeps returning. I also feel an excess of phlegm that I cant get out in my throat and chest! ... (0 replies)
... I have the same symptoms and got worse with PPIs I believe they only make you worse in the long run. ... (6 replies)
... per day and that didn't work. not sure if I should try nexium or just gjive up on meds all together. I find my only relief is when I don't eat anything out of the way. This is very difficult though. there is not much of a variety. I also feel like my throat is closing and sometimes the food gets stuck in my throat. ... (6 replies)
... I don't take medicine for my acid reflux due to this phobia. It seems like every time I eat it feels like food gets stuck in lower throat and sometimes chest. My saliva seems to increase and I feel like there is phlegm all in throat to where I am clearing my throat, coughing or burping constantly. ... (2 replies)
... alkaline thing. I think that is a fad and a marketing gimmick to jack up the prices of high pH water and other stuff. Your organs all have a different pH level, as does your blood. ... (2 replies)
... I'm sorry for the troubles you are going through. I'm also happy though that you believe in alkalinity though.. not many people understand it or even are made aware of it. But I do know it makes a tremendous difference of what we put into our bodies. ... (2 replies)
... I have the same sensation where as soon as I eat food feels like it is stuck in my throat. If I bend over it just come back up undigested. ... (7 replies)
... This all started about a year ago. I would swallow liquids and feel a sort of tightness in my throat before it would go down all the way. Sometimes there was a gurgling noise, like the liquids were just hanging out in my throat. ... (14 replies)
... I've now been on medication for 9 years, have mouth ulcers continuously through reflux in the night, can't swallow very well at times, full of wind, stomach gnawing and bloating as soon as I eat something, food gets stuck in my throat, chest. ... (28 replies)
... This is the first time I am posting, but I have been lurking on these boards for the last few weeks. ... (119 replies)
... Hi crystal mommy! I'm so happy you replied to this post along with baffled. Girl trust me I've been so depressed over this too! I always feel the same as you as far as waking up to knowing you will have to face another day of struggling with the hassle of eating because of ongoing throat issues. ... (14 replies)
... My husbaand has been for quite a while having these episodes when he gets food stuck in his throat. He usually take himself off to the bathroom and sorts himself out. However today I was witness to this and it was awful! ... (1 replies)
... I have a hard time swallowing sometimes where food gets stuck in my throat, no matter how small the piece of food is. Along with that comes a burning sensation in my throat and the heart burn feeling. No matter how much water I drink it is hard to get the food down. ... (5 replies)
... If it hasn't gone away, then you should go to the ER, if there is something stuck, they will get it out. ... (2 replies)

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