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... Does any have upper gastric bloating. Whenever I eat even a small meal, my stomach esp. the upper part of it gets bloated. The food feels as if it is sitting there. ... (5 replies)
... have a gastroscopy in Wednesday. Six months ago, I just felt nausea all the time. Last 3 weeks, I burped with the things came up from my stomach. My tummy is bloating up like a six months pregnant. ... (5 replies)
... n't stop eating though.. I lost like 18lbs in a month... but it wasn't from exercise and it caused muscle cramps, joint pains, aches, fatigue... i get really bad bloating and it causes esophageal spasms that hurt like mad... stay away from fat and high fiber also... ... (5 replies)

... t have any loss of appetite, just stomach aches in various positions, acid feelings at times which could be mistaken of nausea, a bloating feeling. ... (4 replies)
... is bloating feeling, stomach aches, gerd and sometime mild nausea. ... (4 replies)
... Seems almost similar to my symptoms, I had some pressure in the stomach but it's now gone, I have the stuffiness in the ear sometimes and yes definitely the tingling in hands and feet (but as I am in a warmer place, Taipei to be exact instead of Glasgow, Scotland where the symptoms started, I don't really feel the tingling as much now). I am seeing my GI specialist tomorrow,... (6 replies)
... Doc is at a loss seen neuroligist and she basically said live with it. I now have severe presure in my sinuses and ears wich are ringing constantly and bloating presure pushing up my throat? ... (6 replies)
... I have (or had) pressure mainly in the right ear especially after talking for a while, and sometimes the hemoptysis happens after that too (but not continuously). I do have what it feels like tenesmus and yes it does feel like I have dry sinuses sometimes when I lie down trying to sleep. Has your doctor suggested what you could be going through? (6 replies)
... I also get the muscle aches and numbness, and I'd have severe bloating from my chest down to groin and a presure in stomach to rectum how about you? ... (6 replies)
... I am trying to get to the bottom of all of this bloating that I am experiencing. I have done endoscopies, I just had a colonoscopy a week ago. ... (1 replies)
... So let me start from the beginning of my experience and warn everybody of the dangers of Prilosec, Zantac, and other forms of Proton Pump Inhibitors/Radintine. First of all, I was born with a very rare syndrome called Poland syndrome. It comes with a wide WIDE variety of symptoms/deformities that include a deformed right hand, missing pectoralis major, spina bifida (very... (0 replies)
... Anyone have the same gastric issues and what did you do? ... (0 replies)
... Oh! Don't say what kind of food is allowed and disallowed! If the restriction is enforced on me then I would end up nothing can eat! ONLY can take the chemical bullets and chemical smarties! This is not a human life! Pika. (5 replies)
... I am the same way. I can't wear my bra from 2 or 3:00 in the afternoon. I even went from a 36D to a 40D with an extender. I'm miserable. I have GERD, Barrett's and just last month was told I have Gastroparesis. BUT my digestive specialist says my problem with the upper stomach distention isn't from my digestive system. Wonder where he went to school? Dang...I am at my wits... (5 replies)
... Hey Thanks I will talk to my doc about all my symptoms. He is reluctant to even talk about anything and he thinks it is due to my anxiety. So I have more than one month before I meet him. I am eating some, but I have a feeling that I will loose weight soon. I already lost weight and I weigh only 105 lbs. I wish I was free to give up this life. I feel so miserable. (5 replies)
... how much you are refluxing with a ph monitoring test. After this test, you may need to have additional testing such as barium swallow, esophageal manometry, and gastric motility test. These are pretty standard tests for consideration for surgery. ... (3 replies)
... I am having these symptoms for more than 6 months already. Feeling difficult to breathe every morning, feels there is lump bottom of my throat, my heart feel like trumping, every time I wake up, always want to vomit during brushing of my teeth, when my stomach is full, always vomit back the food I ate, sometime farting interval is less than five minute, My upper chest sometime... (0 replies)
... That is so frustrating when surgeons' opinions vary. As a patient you are left unsure as what to do. That is great you were able to get off your ppi. If I even skip a day it's intolerable. I will have to try the enzymes. Did u have any rebound? I've had no acid produced for 11 yrs on Protonix. Need to get off it but can't. (13 replies)
... yhole Fundoplication. The year before I had by Gall Bladder removed by keyhole, no problems. So I undertook surgery in March this year. Sadly the surgeon cut two gastric arteries and had to open me up. He had advised after the Op to stop taking Lansoprazol as he was confident the Op would be successful. ... (13 replies)
... I am 26 yrs old. It all started one night.. I was feeling anxiety, breatlessness, mild chest pain, sweating in hands and legs ans was rushed to ER. Docs said nothinng to worry after carrying out ecg, blood tests... Just over stressed and i was discharged same day, unfortunately i have experienced same symptoms again on that day night rushed to ER and this time docs went a step... (1 replies)

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