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... Im back on the acid reflux boards. My doc thought my nausea and loss of appetite was from my gallbladder but my ultrasound and HIDA scan came back normal. ... (10 replies)
... I never personally had much reflux just a heckofa lot of dry retching... not nice!! ... No real tips for the nausea sadly.... ... (10 replies)
... Yes, I do, "mildly" (let's just say I don't throw up, but I have a lot of reflux never mind the bloating). AND it's part and parcel of pregnancy, which is something else I have right now! For pregnancy, it seems to stem from too much hormone progesterone - which I now suspect may be the cause of ALL my GP. Really starting to think the med industry should be looking into... (10 replies)

... Yes i sometimes feel nauseous in the morning and most of the day. Did you have reflux symptoms as well? ... (10 replies)
... Thats one of the big symptoms of gastroparesis as things you ate the previous evening are STILL often in your tummy, fermenting which makes you feel ick. ... (10 replies)
... They said my pancreas is slightly inflamed in the bloodwork, but not like pancreatitis type increase. Im thinking this may be the cause. Er doc said it could have benn due to a virus or something. I have my days of eating, but still cant eat like I use to. I am so worried I will stay like this forever. I am on day 2 of Reglan, had to take 5 mg, 10 mg made me sleepy!!! I hope... (10 replies)
... So do this mean I could have it the rest of my life? This went away for a week and then came back. The only clue they have on mine is a slightly inflamed pancreas. I believe it means my digestive system isnt working and then it sends signals to my pancreas showing that or I may be mistaken. Do you have this or know someone who has? (10 replies)
... Generally you're stuck with it, unless some root cause can be found (some have it from a viral infection that eventually rights itself, e.g.). I haven't read it but it may be that some just don't get any worse and maybe get better - like your body just got wrong and just needed time to rectify (besides the viral stuff). Just don't count on it going away. I hope the... (10 replies)
... Sea-Bands. Accupressure. Doesn't work for me, probably won't work for most people. You can try it, but it isn't a sure-fire cure-all, or everyone would be doing it. (10 replies)
... Hi, It's me again, Ok...let me give you a tip for nausea. Every time you feel nauseated, gentle press your wrist with the index and middle fingers exactly after your vein crosses the two tendons and between them. This will help!! try it and let me know. Gamo (10 replies)
... What did you do to to get rid of your nausea? I have had mine for so long now. I hate it. Life would be so much better without it! I don't want to take any new medication though. FG (10 replies)
... Just wanted to post because I dont know how much more of this disease I can handle. I have had gastroparesis for 5 years. 3 years ago I developed GERD, bile reflux, and a motility problem in my esophagus. My diet was not always the best, but now I watch very carefully what I eat. ... (57 replies)
... burn as well. It has ruined my entire life. I have no life because of the pain. I am scared to eat because of the pain. I can't even swallow anymore. I have bile reflux, meds do not help with that. I also have a defective LES valve, so if I bend over liquid comes up into my mouth. Its really disgusting. ... (3 replies)
... Hello everyone on healthboards! I've been suffering for about 2 years now. I suffer from gastroparesis, Gerd and LPR. I have had the TIF/Hernia repair and it has made my symptoms worse. I'm 23 and a former college runner. Things have been rough in my life since I started having LPR symptoms, which lead me to get the TIF. Shortly after the TIF, I have been experiencing... (0 replies)
... Hello Elisa123, I'm so glad that you're not hurting as bad. Why don't you name the time for us to pray and I'll know to pray at the same time 1 hour earlier than you. If it's 9:00pm there it's 8:00pm here, right? It's not good that you lost 5 lbs. in one week. It just breaks my heart that you're having so much pain and problems with this. You're right no one does... (57 replies)
... rots in my stomach, basically. The muscles of my stomach do not contract, and the food just sits there. I have suffered with this for 6 long years now. I have reflux all the time. I am back to taking my protonix and zantac at night, which seems to both help very little. ... (57 replies)
... Thank you again for your replies. I never knew reflux disease could be this bad either. It's a progressive disease. I must say that I am fed up with doctors. ... (57 replies)
... Again, I do have gastroparesis so that is another factor. ... (10 replies)

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