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... I have read numerous posts about GERD, heartburn and acid reflux. In my opinion its all of the same. I have replied to a few posts but im going to post it again in here later on. ... (17 replies)
... I used to experience acid reflux but not so sever as some of you but I found a cure and no longer have to take over the counter medication. ... (9 replies) Confused
Dec 4, 2006
... I agree with what you're saying, to an extent. But the source of my info on this cure is peole like you or I that are posting on websites like these, with no profit motivation, about what has helped cure them. ... (6 replies)

... Raw ACV should be no problem? ... (0 replies)
... Well I'm jumping on the ACV bandwagon. Starting slow with 1 tsp. Braggs ACV in 4 oz. water with honey twice a day after breakfast and dinner. ... (102 replies)
... hey everyone..i'm 20 and had acid reflux for about 5-6 months..started with bad pains/aches upper left chest. suffered from burning throat for a few months and it was gone for a month or 2, but has came back about a wk ago. this time with the burning throat though, i cough sometimes and have history of asthma.. i dont get too much heartburn, just have constant... (102 replies)
... the ACV didn't work for me either. I tried it this morning and it burned going down and I had heartburn all day...nevermind the taste. Did it burn in the beginning for you and then started working? ... (102 replies)
... So glad you can use the grocery store kind. I tried it and it burnt going down. I have taken ACV only a couple of times this past few days and I can't believe the relief I have had. ... (102 replies)
... k Prevacid Solutab for 3 months, and because it melts in your mouth, it healed my throat and esophogas I believe. All that was left was the stomach acid and the ACV fixed that. Maybe healing the throat first would help. Good luck! ... (102 replies)
... Glad to hear you are getting great results with ACV. I went to GNC today to try some ACV pills. Drinking that ACV is just hard for me to do even with honey added to it. I will post my results and recommend it if it works! I am so happy to hear there is help out there! ... (102 replies)
... Well, I've tried using ACV for a couple of days now, and have had boughts of very slight burning still. ... (102 replies)
... nd I have been taking 1 tsp. in 4oz water just before eating and when I forget, just after eating. It has worked great and I am so relieved. I tried the regular ACV and it did nothing but burn me. ... (102 replies)
... Rosebloom - I began with one tsp. in a tall glass of juice - I happen to like white cranberry/peach - it is very mild and the added raw apple cider vinegar makes it a bit tart - sort of like a sweet tart - except - it is good for you. I drink it in the morning with my yogurt and again at noon with my meal. I try not to drink it at night, as it gives me energy - (a bonus for... (19 replies)
... I've heard from others that have throat irritation that the ACV irritates it, which makes sense I guess. ... (102 replies)
... i'm just coming out of some kinda spell. all of a sudden, at around 3-4pm earlier, i got EXTREMELY tired and weak, could barely stand or lift my arms, and quite symptoms of acid reflux or whatever i have come around 4-6 pm, but NEVER had this..the only thing i did different today was i tryed the ACV i bought @ a health food store, just a tablespoon w/ a little... (102 replies)
... I noticed a pretty immediate difference with the reflux. I haven't taken any in awhile, but I had pizza last night and started having some reflux and drank my ACV cocktail. It's nasty tasting, but the acid was gone. It did however burn a little on the way down for the first time, but not bad, and it went away quick. ... (102 replies)
... well I recently tried the ACV and it burned big time going down. ... (102 replies)
... Actually, I've heard the opposite is true about the vinegar in ACV. It's supposed to restore the pH balance in your body that medications and foods have knocked out of kilter. I have posted on another thread about sinus trouble. Well, since taking ACV, those troubles have subsided. I know this may sound crazy, and believe me, I am a natural cynic, but there is something to... (102 replies)
... If I do physical activity afterwards that does make me short of breath. I gues what i'm rambling on about is have any of you ever had this problem and did the ACV help? ... (102 replies)
... This is day 6 on the ACV and while I think it helps a little it doesn't get rid of my gerd completely. I've still taken my prilosec. I desperately want to get off that. ... (102 replies)

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