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... Mine is still not found and really have made me crazy . ... (25 replies)
... You are definitely not alone. I have had these problems for years. The lump in the throat is what i first experienced years ago. I went to an ent dr thinking it was my throat. He told me it probably was acid reflux. ... (4 replies)
... I was wondering the same thing about this because I also have alot of those symptoms and pain in my left side but it is really low pain kind of on the side above my hip and I wasn't sure if this was normal or not. ... (7 replies)

... Just to tell you I made a doctors appointment and there is a month waiting list to see doctor. I'm thinking of may be going to medical walk in center. ... (7 replies)
... I'm a 34 yr old female...About an hour after finishing a large cup of hot chocolate I began feeling a dull achy feeling in my upper chest between my collar bone and breast. I had been working in garage so wondered if I irritated it there. ... (1 replies)
... So my backstory. I would get heartburn a few times a month. Usually Gaviscon and worst case a couple days of 20mg omeprazole and back to normal for a few weeks. Typically have no issues unless I over indulge or over eat. or eat some acidic stuff. I'm 38yrs old, about 160lbs, fairly fit. ... (3 replies)
... What kind of chest pain r u getting? ... (31 replies)
... Hello Everyone, I am new to this site and so glad I found it. First of all my problems began last year in April. Heartburn, indigestion, stomach pain and sometimes nausea. I had an upper gi series which showed inflammation of the lining of the stomache. ... (5 replies)
... Hope everybody is doing well. This post was a while ago. Kat, it sounds like you have been through hell and back. You poor thing. I hope you are doing better now. I just have a question. I started nexium 2 weeks ago 40 mg once a day. ... (4 replies)
... healthy foods and drank a few beers. Anyways the day after this excess consumption I vomitted twice and had diarrhea. This was on Friday. ... (1 replies)
... Though I have had acid reflux for years now and recent identifcation of a small hiatus hernia, I have also just been diagnosed with heart disease following a nuclear test. ... (1 replies)
... I had never had pain like that in my life! I also had indigestion and I'd pop a tum and it would go away. I was never so scared when that pain first hit me. Thanks, and I hope everyone has a good day today too!! ... (30 replies)
... I have had both procedures done independently of each and I also had both procedures at the same time and did not feel any different or have any problems having them together. ... (16 replies)
... yourself, etc. Most docs answer your questions over their shoulder as they're heading for the door, if you know what I mean. You're the one that has to go home and live with a condition while they go on to their next patient. At least that has been my unfortunate experience with many doctors. ... (70 replies)
... A which means they alternate between both C and D. ... (70 replies)
... Hi, I'm new to this forum but maybe someone can help if you've been there and done this. I'll try to keep it as short as possible while providing the necessary information. I'm a 53 year old male, 245 pounds. ... (0 replies)
... i was googling some symptoms i've had for over a month now and your response on here was EXACTLY! ... (22 replies)
... I have been wondering for over a year now whats going on with me.I have had sharp pains in my left arm and lately I have felt this same pain in my neck and jaw its very dull and sharp in tiny areas and last seconds comes and goes.So I had heart testing done and all was normal. ... (1 replies)
... relate to what you are going thru. I basically had the same thing happen to me last June. So it has been a year almost now that I have been suffering myself. And frankly it is really starting to drive me crazy. Literally... CRAZY.... ... (23 replies)
... I feel the same as yours, more serious though. I've got this burping, chest pain, discomfort in my esophagus, vomitting, sometimes constipation, sometimes diarrhea. My doctor call it GERD. ... (8 replies)

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