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... Could this be gerd or gastro related? I do have anxiety but it is all heart related. I am also on xanax. which they say can cause some gastro problems. Even my doctors are stumped. My bowel movements are very inconsistant as far as diareha or constipation. Certian foods cause heartburn as well. I just dont know but I am sick of the chest pain. It's like the worlds... (22 replies)
... It all started about three months ago when I was driving, I got this sharp pain in the left side of my chest. It felt like the left side of my body had gone numb and I got dizzy and nauseated. ... (1 replies)
... Wow, your pain sounds just like mine. ... (4 replies)

Stomach pain
Apr 24, 2016
... About 2 months ago I was having some left upper abominal pain. It would come and go. I did not have any changes in bowel movements or nausea or vomitting. The pain has since progressed to navel and also sometimes my mid stomach between breast bone and navel. I went to the doctor. ... (1 replies)
... e down to Fibromyalgia, as some of the symptoms are similar, however I had been told by one rheumatologist that I couldn't possibly have this as I don't have the pain that goes with it, only the tender points. Anyways I found a rheumatologist that listened and suggested that the breathing may be due to low serotonin levels. ... (16 replies)
... where you experience pain with your costochondritis please? ... (29 replies)
... Go buy yourself some aloe vera and take that three times a day and it does wonders. I was on medication for acid reflux a number of years ago; was started on one pill and when that didn't work after a short time, I went back to the dr and he told me to take another. On my way home, I decided to go searching for something better. Found an aloe vera pill on the Internet and... (8 replies)
... ly bad, but I assumed maybe I'd coughed at the wrong angle. But my chest hurts still, like it's been bruised on the sternum. And, I have weird twinges above my left breast. ... (8 replies)
... n. I have been taking Omeprazol for about a month now and noticed that my chest is sore. Not just the pains that comes with GERD but actual sore to the touch. My left breast is more sore than my right but they both are sore. My question is this...can Omeprazol make my chest muscles sore? ... (4 replies)
... I get short sharp intermitent pains in my chest, usually near my left breast but towards the middle, if that makes sense. I have been to emergency a fair few times about that, as it really hurts and concerns me being in my chest. ... (206 replies)
Need advice please
Jan 21, 2014
... spasms under my left breast. Sometimes it is in the center under my left breast and sometimes it is under my left breast but more toward the outer side of the breast. ... (3 replies)
... I was on Lansoprazole stopped taking it 3 days ago. But still got pain in left breast, in fact it's sore now, right under breast tissue :-( (5 replies)
... Im on omeprazole also (5 replies)
... Hi just wanted to say that I have also been experiencing pain in my left breast. It's like sharp pinches through my breast. Really weird. ... (5 replies)
... Good question.I have the same thing.Hope someone responds. (5 replies)
Teen Acid Reflux?
Jul 21, 2013
... This lasted 2 days and now I was back to normal. Then, the left arm pain started up again. ... (0 replies)
At my wits end!
Mar 27, 2013
... ut me on meds that have done zero to help. My primary and gastro doc both said the spasms but my pain isn't vertical along my esophagus it's horizontal across my breast area and when I turn on my left side the pain starts and gets worse when I lift my arm up and put it across my husband. ... (12 replies)
... underneath my left breast. No issues until a second or so from when something goes down. I don't really feel it with food or with hot drinks until after a few minutes. ... (11 replies)
... I developed weird symptoms in May of this year which include some of your symptoms. Basically chronic pain in my sternum, back, epigastric, ribs, and diaphragm. I went from feeling good to horrible without notice. ... (5 replies)
... pain in my upper stomach, under my left breast , nausea, anc constipation. Its awful.. I have had numerous tests, and was told its the nature of the beast. ... (19 replies)

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