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... Char, Do you think you could email it to me? Are we allowed to post our email address here? (8 replies)
... I swear my voice was bad for years until the juice! Helped other things some but there's just those days. I used an antibiotic that started with a N for my ear for 10 days. ENT said fungus yesterday but sure feels better since the suction. I also used to get horrible, horrible ear pain and all along my jaw. ... (8 replies)
... Actually my first symptoms were ear pain pressure and bad breath. The ear pain is from the excessive mucus that gets in your Eustacian tube, I think that's hope you spell it. ... (8 replies)

LPR & Ear Problems
Jun 30, 2008
... have been one of my worst symptoms. Sometimes the pain is excruciating. I have found that chewing gum helps a lot with the pressure. Cinnamon seems to help the most and even relieves the pain for a short time. ... (8 replies)
... however, I'm still having ear pain. I know that may take time. ... (9 replies)
... it could theoretically cause ear pain. While ear pain wasn't exactly a symptom of mine, I had horrendous sinusitis caused by the acid before I was diagnosed. ... (9 replies)
Gerd And Ear Pain
Sep 27, 2005
... esophagus area being irritated causing referred pain to the ears. I have LPR and when I can tell I've had a bad reflux episode my throat and neck are stiff, sore and I have bilateral ear pain. ... (14 replies)
Gerd And Ear Pain
Sep 27, 2005
... Hi al does anyone get ear pain with there gerd lpr or burning around there glands? ... (14 replies)
... LPR affecting breathing at night, ear pain throat, larynx etc inflammation. ... (5 replies)
LPR question
Nov 4, 2013
... does the globus sensation on one side of my throat and ear pain sound consistent with LPR? ... (1 replies)
... About two months ago I went to a mexican restaurant and had this feeling as if something got stuck on the left side of my throat. strangely, as of this point, my pain is coming from my right side and not so much my left. Dont know how this happened. ... (0 replies)
... But to make a long story short... the poster concluded that he or she must have LPR hypersensitivity. I am beginning to think I have the same thing and that perhaps some here do as well. ... (7 replies)
Mar 27, 2013
... So the Nissen did not cure your LPR symptoms. My main symptoms are sore throat, post nasal drip, excessive phlegm, ear pain and bad breath. I would kindly like to know if you had any of these symptoms and whether surgery was able to relieve some of the symptoms. ... (43 replies)
... I was diagnosed with LPR in 2005 by an ENT out of Mass General. I am supposed to be on stomach acid reducers but I rarely take them. ... (1 replies)
... ear pain from acid vapor escaping up to my tender throat tissues and burning through them to my throat nerves. I knew I had avoided the sun for 40 years. ... (24 replies)
Could it be LPR?
Jul 7, 2012
... sore throat, cough, fatigue. The thing I have the hardest time handling is the shortness of breath and tightness and pain in the chest. ... (2 replies)
... That is EXACTLY how I would describe the hearing distortion I experienced. I think it went away in a couple weeks, try not to worry about it. Mucinex D helps whenever I start having post nasal drip, and 100% of the time it is brought on by sugary snack (which I completely stop whenever I start feeling pressure in my ear). It's been over a year now and I am not convinced... (6 replies)
... I have been assured that this distortion and rare pain is due to silent reflux and that it can take months to resolve. ... (6 replies)
... GERD. It was actually my surgery for the reflux that probably triggered my TMJD flare. The surgery was a success and I was healing from the LPR before I actually got my TMJD diagnosis. ... (12 replies)
... Ear pain for me was directly related to TMJD. My tmj discs had slipped forward which ended up pushing my jaw back a bit towards my ear. The jaw and ear are only mm apart. ... (3 replies)

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