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... it wakes her up in the middle of the night and she has to catch her breath because the acids traveled up through her mouth. She also has gas that travels through her body and causes pain in the legs, arms, chest. ... (8 replies)
... well I ma feeling soooo much better but when I came off the gluten my healing of pins and needles foggy brain cognitive function really began to healing at break neck speed.......I have a very good active form of B12 methylcobalamin 10,000mcg 3 x a week I have been doing this for 4 months... ... (9 replies)
... The last week or so, I've had terrible stomach pain in the upper middle part of my stomach. It was not a dull ache that I've had before... ... (3 replies)

... iverticulitis in the past, so she gave me augmentin to take over the weekend but only if it worsens. It seems to have gone today. So i wont take it. Wondering if pain was from reflux? ... (4 replies)
Gerd sufferer
Jul 8, 2013
... There are my symptoms...though, I believe some of them are tied to anxiety. More Frequent --------------- Sternum/center chest pains Tiredness Chest tightness/pressure Upper stomach bloating Wake up frequently during the night Shortness of breath feeling even though O2 levels are good(I have a sensor) (3 replies)
... m chest for just a short while as far as I remeber but then my back . i did so many things. First I had my lung x ray , it was ok. Then had the Mr of my back and neck . There it was found 2 herniated disc in my neck . But the doctors could not find the reason why it hurts with swallowing and suggested me to see the GI. ... (25 replies)
... to do for me. I had a fundo and came out 10x worse which put me in a desperate state. I withered away. Walked into a ER and told them I could not handle the pain anymore. They gave me psy drugs and pain pills. It made me worse. Because of a move it took time to get a new GI and ENT. ... (14 replies)
... I switched to Prilosec for a week and became nauseous and had very bad cramps, gas and a headache. I now have some Prevacid samples but the acid rebound is still affecting me. ... (1 replies)
... le of having many many tests. I feel absolutely fine in the morning when I wake up. As soon as I put ANYTHING in my stomach, within minutes, I get a right sides pain under my rib cage. Bloating........ ... (6 replies)
... for about 14 hours. I woke up with this feeling of pressure in my throat like someone hit me in the front part of my neck. I have burped alot today and had some gas so i dont know whats going on. My throat feels kinda sore and i think my sinuses are acting up also i can feel alot of drainage. ... (3 replies)
... This all started after I came home from a trip to Italy. Although I must say I had a period of time last year that I noticed when I talked for any unusual length of time, my vocal chords felt strained. In any event, when I returned from Italy...I felt like I was coming down with a Sinus Infection, but with the worst sore throat I went to the Dr. and he prescribed... (6 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Feb 21, 2006
... It all started 4 years ago with Right sided upper quadrant pain which has evolved into a bunch of other annoying and scary symptoms. ... (95 replies)
Chest Pain??
Jul 27, 2005
... i get it too, i get it in my arms and neck as well... i chew gum when the gas gets bad or i pound on my chest, and that usually makes it come up.... the hard part is it scares you because you think its heart related... ... (5 replies)
... am I woke up with a sharp pain in my stomach. ... (0 replies)
Jan 23, 2017
... I do this all the time. But this particular time I felt funny. I can't explain it....just not right. By the time I got home I felt like I had trapped gas in my chest but couldn't burp! ... (0 replies)
Nexium and itching
Apr 25, 2014
... Greetings. I'm 42, 245lbs. About two months ago I broke out in itching. Scalp, biceps, forearms, chest beneath the armpits, inside the elbows, breastbone, waistband, tops of my thighs, groin, behind the knees, base of the neck. After multiple attempts to handle it with creams, steroids, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial my allergist and I decided it might be one of... (1 replies)
... pressure is so tight on my chest that I have to get up, stay standing for a while before it goes away. My heart sometimes races or I can feel pulse strong in my neck and upper chest. I don't really have any pain associated with these eipisodes. ... (2 replies)
... I'm coughIng but I can't cough up the phlem , I am also hungry constantly but suffer extreame bloating , one bite and im full it feels like I'm full of gas , please anyone can relate to my symptoms? ... (13 replies)
... Does any one get extreame gas presure that's from the lower abdomen and pushes up to throat ? ... (14 replies)
... I also just joined the "wrapped" club last Wednesday, 2/6/13. Had really bad gas pain in my right shoulder but just for 2 days, then much less pain and moved to upper shoulders/neck. I found that a heating pad helped a little. (7 replies)

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