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... A few good days in a row is very promising, it shows you are rebalancing. I really hope you have more and more good days and will soon be ready to do your next reduction. As I have said before, don't rush, trying to speed things up usually ends up taking longer in the long run. ... (206 replies)
... Bec how are you doing. You haven't posted in a while. I am glad to say at long last I have had a few good days all in a row. By a good day for me I mean no nausea that makes me off balance and feeling lousy. ... (206 replies)
... ned having off days every other day sometimes during your withdrawal. I think that is where I am about now 5 weeks into my journey. I suffer mainly with a lot of nausea some days and others I have pains everywhere. I feel like I am sort of mirroring your Journey as I did the jump from 40msg to 20mgs in one go. ... (206 replies)

... Hello I am so glad to hear from you. I have really been struggling with this reduction from 40mgs Nexium to 20mgs Prilosec. Yesterday I think was the absolute worst day with nausea, burning, headache and feeling off balance and miserable all day. ... (206 replies)
... re for! I understand, it is all very confusing, especially when a drug you have depended on for so long starts giving you symptoms. Sorry you are feeling so bad, and hope you feel better soon. ... (4 replies)
... The nausea and dizziness sweating and feeling off balance and discomfort in the stomach area is what I started with long ago. did the scope thing and went onto Aciphex and have been on a PPI since then ending with Nexium. ... (4 replies)
... (4 replies)
... DGL, HCI and apple cidar all work in different ways, and work for different people in different ways, so you will need to find out what works for you. ... (4 replies)
... I have just read all the posts about the acid rebound from Nexium. Does any one else suffer with nausea and dizziness with nexium? ... (4 replies)
... pain in my left arm. I was reluctant to think that it was a heart problem, but went to the ER anyway. I had an EKG, Chest Xray, and blood work done. They decided it was just anxiety. ... (4 replies)
... I cannot say much about the nexium because i am not on it. I have been suffering from the exact symptoms as you including nausea which is the worse symptom. I have an appt for a full blood panel on November 1st and see my doctor the Nov 7. ... (4 replies)
... In the fall I went to pick up a prescription and a pharmacist wondered why I was paying so much, said 2 prilosec in the morning and 2 at night were the same thing. I still was hesitant. When I went to the GI for a follow up visit and asked him if that was true, he said yes. ... (0 replies)
... no pain but uncomfortable which is why I couldn't get comfortable at night. I had already been on Nexium for 7 yrs. so we knew it wasn't Gerd. If you are only nauseous after you eat, it has to be gastric related. You could have an infection in your stomach. ... (15 replies)
... I woke up nauseous one morning and it didnt go away...Several doctors suggested it may be psychosomatic,after the standard scans and blood tests came back negative....I knew it was more than that and pursued it online and diagnosed myself with heavy metal poisening.. ... (15 replies)
... Yes it did work and just as well because I would never take it again. ... (6 replies)
... IBS and anxiety. Have had all of these for many years! I have flare ups but about 7 weeks ago, something here at home caused my anxiety to go off the charts!! ... (8 replies)
... diet because the doctor thought I needed meds for like 14 weeks instead. This was just half way when only bloating was what was left. I started tailing off the Nexium 1 week ago. Now, it might be different for me because I've only been on it 7 weeks unlike your case which is a lot longer. ... (41 replies)
... Thank you both for sharing and giving me hope. Here's what my stomach has been up to since I wrote last. ... (5 replies)
... a day dose after I developed gastritis from drinking, but I really have no history of heartburn or reflux, and I've had just about every test under the sun and they've come up negative. I feel about the same way. I NEVER have an appetite, and I get nauseous a couple hours after I eat no matter how small the meal. ... (9 replies)
... I do not think "tragic" is too strong a word at all, for what you and many others are going through. And I can think of an even stronger word for medical professionals who prescribe Nexium for nausea, but there are limits to what one can say on these boards. ... (68 replies)

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