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... In my opinion, there is no cure for acid reflux and probably no medication and/or remedies that work as well as PPI's for many people. These are the natural remedies I have tried that seem to help, but I have not conducted a controlled study to know for sure: 1) A diet that minimizes triggers and stays low on carbs. Therefore, I seem to eat lean meats, veggies, salads... (7 replies)
... Miserablewiththis: I agree with Stressedtomax. You need to eat. Try eating veggies, like a baked potato, or carrots with broccoli, whatever you like :). Your stomach is sensible right now since you haven't eaten for days. Later you will be able to eat more. You should also try drinking natural juices (fruit or vegetables). For breakfast you can eat some oatmeal, it won't upset... (50 replies)
... I am 33 years old, not overweight, I don't smoke, rarely drink, and I don't eat a lot of junk. When I was able to eat, I generally ate low sugar oatmeal for breakfast, fruit and yogurt for lunch, and nuts, fruit, pretzels, or crackers for a snack. ... (2 replies)

... i just got diagnosed with GERD last week in was in the hosptial and got the colonosphy and other tests they go down your throat, before i went into the hopspital i would wake up nauseus all the time. Now i just have heartburn all the time,its terrible. Plus i get palputaions at night alot. Anyone else get this? If I take the med prescribed by gastronologist my heart races..not... (12 replies)
... Hello, my GERD became chronic after taking PPI's (Protonix) and those meds did more damage on me than help me (but they do work on some people), so I am now trying natural remedies and I am starting to feel better after 11 days. Last week was terrible and I couldn't eat and had lost my appetite, lost 5 pounds but this week I am finally feeling better... And I am now eating... (12 replies)
... eps back up on me after a while. I have to say though, it is not as intense as it was last month. Maybe it was all the holiday eating that lingered and made my GERD act up for so long...who knows! ... (24 replies)
... Belle, I eat red apples and they don't cause me any symptoms. I've notice that green apples do trigger my acid reflux. And for breakfast I eat oatmeal or raisin bran cereal with nonfat milk and my stomach feels good. I rarely eat bananas but I've heard that they are good for GERD. ... (24 replies)
... Hi, Yes, I've tried the ACV for my gastritis to no avail I'm afraid. It does work for some, for some it does not. It's a trial and error for everyone I guess. For a while, I could only eat oatmeal and dry whole wheat toast - now, it activates the gastritis. It helped keep me regular. I was also taking stool softeners each day until my GI told me I had a red area in the... (9 replies)
... lder, bloating, constipation, feeling of fullness and heartburn.. The works. It never went away either. I finally saw my first GI. Told me I had IBS and probably GERD and wanted to do a scope and told me to take benefiber. ... (0 replies)
... chocolate lower fat ice cream, oatmeal cookies, gummy bears. ... (19 replies)
Carb diet and Gerd
Apr 15, 2011
... I know there has been a lot in the past on here but haven't seen anything lately. I was having signs of acid reflux (pain in chest, pins and needles in stomach area). Now it is mainly in my throat, scratchy, sore, and bad taste. I was taking Nexium for a while, now I am on 80mg a day of Prilosec, 4omg morning and night. Although I was not eating the usual triggers -... (3 replies)
... I like to eat the granola mix at Whole Foods, rice cakes, fresh fruit, cereal, oatmeal, chickpeas with olive oil and ,on the rare occasion, Smoked Salmon with capers on whole grain crackers. (14 replies)
... Idont eat any meats save fish, so I generally eat healthy. Ill keep in mind the white bread/rice...I eat that sometimes, but prefer the multigrain more. Good, I am happy I found this and can give it a shot. It gives me some hope. I think I do well generally though. I a day I generally eat the same stuff, the following. bananas blueberries/raspberries multigrain... (5 replies)
... gist last monday and due to get a scope done. I have nausau, gas, diarreahea and constipation. I wonder if I will get through the day. I am down to eating oatmeal and chicken broth and lost all kinds of weight. When I saw my gasterologist they too gave me very little information about gerd. ... (10 replies)
... I am sure that may help some. Though there have been times where I could hardly eat anything aside from bananas and oatmeal-no milk, dairy in general, fruit etc. I think it varies from person to person Do you get nasua from this and the feeling you need to have a BM when its just gas? (4 replies)
... I have since discovered I can eat oatmeal ONLY if it is the old fashioned kind that is boiled for at least 5 minutes. Even the 1 minute kind can cause me problems. I do have GERD. ... (10 replies)
... It is funny you say that, I have gastritis, and dudenitis, and last time I had porridge for breakfast, I felt very sick, now did you have yours with milk? Perhaps milk is what the reason for it?milk is not supposed to be good if you have GERD. (10 replies)
... Hi-- sounds exactly what i'm going through -- have you had all the test that involve a diagnosis of gerd? I find after I eat and I'm at the point all I can eat is oatmeal, that right after my heart races, chest throbs, etc. and definite stingy kind of pains in my breasts. All very scary, it can set you off to having an anxiety/panic attack --please get help if you feel that... (5 replies)
Diet for GERD
Mar 12, 2006
... Everything in your list except raw veggies looks fine. Raw veggies can be hard to digest and may cause you problems. Try to avoid broccoli, cauliflower, cucumbers. (32 replies)
Diet for GERD
Mar 11, 2006
... I didn't drink alcohol even before these problems started 2 months ago. My question is it recommended or not recommended to eat oatmeal, bran, cream if wheat, cottage cheese (skim), ricotta cheese, (skim) beans, raw vegies as in salad (no dressing), cooking with alcohol like in soups where the alcohol boils out? It seems like everything I eat is giving me troubles and while... (32 replies)

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