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... hi i take omerprozole 4 hiatal hernia and i get all the symptoms u have plus ive already been to the doctors about pain under left shoulder blade and burning sensation following round to my chest he then kinda laughed and said it has nout to do with hiatal hernia now has got me really worried because of all the other diagnoses eg. lung cancer angina etc they r a joke them... (8 replies)
... hi guys - bit of an odd question but.... do any of you have tonsil or throat problems/infections along with acid relux? I am particularly interested if any one has tonsil stones or infected tonsils... please let me know! thanks : ) p.s. i also get pressure pain in left shoulder and left side - i think it is due to gas more than acid though? (8 replies)
... I have pain all over the chest which is caused by reflux, my pain is mostly in the left side under the ribcage but I do get some pain in the shoulders as well, I hope this helps, you should go back to your doctor anyway, to give you some peace of mind. ... (8 replies)

... Hi,for the past month or so i have had a bloated stomach and a pain in my left shoulder blade at the back.ive never had such a big belly and i dont eat that much,but it seems to have coincided with the shoulder pain. ... (0 replies)
... Ok last year I went to the Dr about left sided pain I was having. She sent me for an upper GI. The Dr right on the spot said I had a small hiatal hernia and mild reflux. ... (2 replies)
... The reason everyone is giving you tummy advice is because you posted in the tummy pain board, and the title of your post says it happens after eating and drinking.... ... (25 replies)
... not acidic enough. Stop taking acid reducers if you are on them. If it, feels worse, I recommend the apple cider vinegar route. The enzymes tell the acid pumps in your stomach to turn off, leaving behind its healthy enzymes to digest the food left behind in your stomach. ... (25 replies)
... Mne is only in my back. ... (25 replies)
... left shoulder blade area even when drink water. ... (25 replies)
... remeber but then my back . i did so many things. First I had my lung x ray , it was ok. Then had the Mr of my back and neck . There it was found 2 herniated disc in my neck . But the doctors could not find the reason why it hurts with swallowing and suggested me to see the GI. ... (25 replies)
... (4 replies)
... Leveque...I just read all of your posts about the pain in your left shoulder blade as you eat or drink...for the last few days, this same exact thing is happening to me. It happens AS I am drinking, not afterwards... ... (25 replies)
... t between your shoulder blades? ... (25 replies)
... dera blondeandblue, many thanks for your reply. ı searched what gastro.. is on the net and saw that there are many symptoms whıch ı have none of them . all ı have is a dull paın ( does not hurt but feels really uncomfortable, ) on the left shoulder blade after ı swallow a food or drınk anythıng . you saıd you were dıognısed by gastroparesy and ı wonder ıf you only had... (25 replies)
... I have those pains too---under left shoulder blade , ribs in back and sometimes front too---I had my gallbladder removed 8 weeks ago and had nausea for three weeks before having it removed---they did endoscope, small bowel study, ulta sound, CT of my stomach and lots of blood work---the endoscope showed this the same as gastritis? The HIDA scan showed a low... (4 replies)
... This started months ago. When I would eat or drink something cold, I'd get a sharp pain under my left shoulder blade. The only way I can describe it is JUST like a brain freeze but in my back. Then I was getting pain in my left side under my ribs. ... (4 replies)
... also just noticed that ur post was in january and was wondering what ur result was hopefully good:) (8 replies)
... has anyone had tonsils out and found an improvement in digestive health? ... (8 replies)
... I went to the do with pain under my left shoulder blade got some ibuprofen Gel lol. which did'nt work it doesnt feel muscular. she said my chest was clear but gave me antibiotics to see. ... (22 replies)
... One of my very first stymptoms wiht gerds was terrible pain between my shoulder blades. It has subsided some, but I still get it from time to time. ... (24 replies)

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