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... Hi again, lagger! Yes, I can relate. I used to slam coffee a lot! I can tell a difference when I reduced my caffeine intake. It's terrible at first because your body became addicted to it. What I did was drink a lot of water (flavored water helped a lot!) and when I needed a pick me up, I drank beverages like Vitamin Water Zero or Sparkling Ice (or their generic... (12 replies)
... Maybe try Pepto Bismol or Pepcid Complete. Also don't use NSAIDs anymore. ... (16 replies)
... Hello. I am new to the world of Acid Reflux. I am also 30 weeks pregnant which limits the kinds of meds I can take and is probably the reason I have it now. I pretty much have a constant feeling of my food being forced back up into my throat. Not much burning, but sometimes my stomach burns. It mostly just feels like food is stuck. I have also had several episodes of... (3 replies)

... stress or eat the wrong things too much. Also, make sure you do not lay down until 3 hrs. after you eat! ... (9 replies)
... You should always try a new medicine for GERD for at least 2 mo. to see if it works. If you need to you can add Pepcid Complete or even Zantac at nite. Do not drink coffee, alcohol, citrus, and sodas. Also, try to stay away from chocolate, greasy foods, and meat by products. ... (8 replies)
... then I ate and all the reflux came back. My question is can I take mylanta, Maalox, or anything else while taking the Pepcid, nexium, and carafate. I might switch the Pepcid to Zantac. Im just a Guinea pig right now. Thanks in advance. ... (1 replies)
... Some people will take an OTC H2 blocker such as Zantac and if you have a flare up you can add Tums or Gaviscon to it. You could try Pepcid Complete which combines a H2 and an antacid similar to Tums. You can get generic versions, if you prefer. ... (13 replies)
... LONG days reading and studying about my new diagnoses and the more I read, the more I convince myself that I have GERD. Spunky, is GERD and Acid Reflex the same or are these two different diagnoses? ... (26 replies)
... LONG days reading and studying about my new diagnoses and the more I read, the more I convince myself that I have GERD. Spunky, is GERD and Acid Reflex the same or are these two different diagnoses? ... (26 replies)
LPR and diet?!
Jun 6, 2012
... I'm not taking PPI's. I will take Zantac or Pepcid complete at night if I feel the acid. Has anyone had relief from diet alone? ... (4 replies)
... I take Tums for the calcium everday, and occasionally take a Pepcid Complete, but I do watch my diet a little better. I"ve pretty much quit drinking anything but water, too. ... (34 replies)
... if needed on "off" days. You can also take Tums or Rolaids on an as needed basis throughout and after the tapering process. Tapering should take no less than 4 weeks and preferably 6 weeks. ... (8 replies)
... I have tried a few different approaches to OTC meds and what seems to work best for me is taking a Pepcid Complete and then some Tums during the day. I tried Zantac but it gave me a headache. Today I tried taking nothing and it was awful. I had to take a bunch of Tums until I had Pepcid around noon. ... (30 replies)
... repetition of the details. But I second your feelings. Doctors don't have too much time to try to figure out problems if the problems can't be fixed with a pill or in the five minutes they have for you. ... (10 replies)
... and I didn't get along so I switched to Pepcid Complete. Zantac gave me headaches....but that doesn't mean that you won't do well on it! ... (24 replies)
... I guess is stress is the root or a major root, it will never get better without fixing that and unfortunately, I see my stress staying high not going down. ... (24 replies)
... later in the day. I called my gastro and they told me I could take up to 4 pepcid complete per day. They have to be at least 2 hr. after your Protonix or Nexium. Then, when I was changed to Nexium, cause the protonix was not working as good after 2 yrs. ... (1 replies)
... or a Zantac later in the day. Sometimes, when I know I have been bad, I take a Pepcid Complete just to be safe. ... (2 replies)
... take if one has experienced the esophagus stricture. Okay, my question is......... can I take the Prilosec in the morning before breakfast and, if needed, the Pepcid Complete at night before dinner? ... (2 replies)
... the lump in the throat feeling.....I have cut my dosage in half for about a month now and it seems to be ok..the more stress i have the worse it gets...i take a zantac or pepcid every so often,.,I have been trying to do the natural route since i cut my dosage down... ... (13 replies)

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