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Silent GERD?
Feb 24, 2010
... I am glad I found someone with the same symptoms I'm having right now. I thought there is something wrong with me. I was diagnosed with GERD about 2 months ago. ... (44 replies)
... As far as my symptoms go, no I don't have any of the sensations you describe. I do not have any problems swallowing food or drink, and there is no pain. ... (2 replies)
... I was recently diagnosed with silent reflux by an ENT who scoped my throat to confirm it was inflamed. ... (2 replies)

... Invisible illnesses hold such complexities that I feel Shakespeare could not capture the intricacy that come with combating a health affliction that hides in the shadows of our anatomy. I have been grappling with internal warfare and this invisible illness since I can remember. About age 8 or so I recall knowing I was “different” from the other kids … my pale face, extreme... (9 replies)
... I'm so sorry you're miserable. I know how that is. I also have silent GERD & was on Prevacid for a few months. Seemed to make me worse so I stopped. I try to stick to a good diet, but even when I do, I still have constant foamy stuff & nagging cough. I can't take aloe vera juice at all. I checked with my dr. & she said no because I'm also hypoglycemic. I know, isn't... (8 replies)
... almost always clearing my throat. My heart is fine also. I have silent gerd, but stopped taking Prevacid because it wasn't working. I try to stay on a good diet for gerd. ... (4 replies)
Dec 21, 2014
... I also used to vomit a terribly bitter orange liquid. I think it is bile. I have suffered with silent gerd for many years and the only symptoms I have had is chronic sore throat, tight throat feeling and a bit of regurgitation. ... (20 replies)
... I'm so sorry you have these problems too. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia about 7 yrs. ago, but recently with silent GERD. I've felt the acid reflux longer than that though. ... (14 replies)
... It all started with a sore throat every morning that ended up being a GERD diagnosis after the first endoscopy. I went through the paces with stuffy nose, sore throat, and ear pain. ... (5 replies)
... oe vera juice. I just had a blood test done and am waiting on the results but this doesn't seem to be the problem for me. I have no trigger foods. I have LPR and GERD symptoms constantly to the point of not being able to breathe. ... (3 replies)
... Yes it takes time and patient depending how bad the acid rebound is. But now you will easily get those symptoms back if you don't watch your diet closely. ... (16 replies)
... That just happened to me! I ended up getting some PPI and took them for three days. Now I have the symptoms of GERD that I never had! Needless to say I'm off the PPIs now. Will my body reset itself naturally and how long will it take? ... (16 replies)
Silent GERD?
Feb 22, 2012
... Hi there, I am having the same problem. I have been through an identical situation to yours and am still going through it. I went to a hospital who gave me Lorazepam because a pill was stuck in my throat. They gave me enough Lorazepam to sustain me for awhile. Three days later, I suddenly could not eat at all (same symptoms as you). I stayed on the Lorazepam for almost two... (44 replies)
Dec 6, 2010
... In my case, my symptoms began suddenly during a virus that was so bad, I would cough up blood. ... (23 replies)
Silent GERD?
Apr 17, 2010
... Yes, it sounds exactly like Asthma. My symptoms paralled yours almost to a T. ... (44 replies)
Silent GERD?
Apr 16, 2010
... The moisture can be very soothing to your airways. I know this is not much, but your symptoms sound so much to me like asthma and that is what I used to do for my girls when they were little and going through their bouts of asthma and bronchitis. ... (44 replies)
Silent GERD?
Feb 21, 2010
... I'm so glad to finally find this board. I've spent so much time researching GERD in the last few weeks that I now know researching GERD can give you more GERD!! But hearing others experiences makes me feel a little less insane. ... (44 replies)
Silent GERD?
Feb 15, 2010
... The weird thing is all my symptoms showed up at different times. ... (44 replies)
Silent GERD?
Feb 15, 2010
... n some time to work. It's probably not gonna matter one bit if you wait until March to get scoped, my dear. The more anxious you are about this, the worse your symptoms are going to seem. You need to exercise a little patience and turn your attention to other things. Get off this board and go do something else. ... (44 replies)
Silent GERD?
Feb 15, 2010
... s what is so werid!! The pharmist said i should notice a improvement with in one week so that is what confuses me!!! Did you notice in the beginning that it your symptoms come and go and then just got better from there on out? ... (44 replies)

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