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... I get the burning feel, but not necessarily with the shortness of breath, I mean not exactly at the same time. I get so much stuff happening though at the same time, that it's often hard to distinguish. I probaby focus on the scariest one, and that's it. The shortness of breath seems to happen when I feel like a brick is jammed under my sternum, and then at times it feels... (20 replies)
... It was started when Acid Reflux was included in that board. ... (20 replies)
... I have the same symptoms. I have spent the better part of the last 6 months trying to get a dx and finally an ENT doctor told me that I am suffering from acid reflux. She put a scope down my nose into my throat and saw it was inflamed from acid. When I asked her why this wasn't picked up by my gastro doctor during an endoscopy, she said it doesn't always show up on it. ... (20 replies)

... Yes, I certainly can relate....same thing going on. My pain is right between my shoulder blades. ... (20 replies)
... kground info, but around 8 weeks ago I started having severe heartburn and some soreness just below my breastbone along with occasional Diarrhea. Thinking I had reflux issues, the Dr. put me on 30 mg Prevacid once per day but then had an Endoscopy a week later. ... (0 replies)
... You could have GERD. I have excessive phlegm and the feeling of lump in throat. I sometimes get the chest pressure and nausea. (2 replies)
... I've been dealing with several symptoms for a long time and need to know if it sounds like GERD or acid reflux. I don't think I have acid reflux or esophagus issues, but maybe I do.... ... (2 replies)
... My 14 year old has acid reflux and for the last couple of days has been complaining of chest pain too. Took her to heart dr. and they don't feel it is related to her heart. ... (9 replies)
... acid reflux since Protonix seems to have taken care of the acid when I had the bravo ph probe test. What is your diagnosis? ... (22 replies)
LPR or reflux?
Jan 19, 2007
... ery annoying when trying to drive or sit for dinner,its not a sharp pain,more of a dull ache that can be around for days.i dont get that much heartburn just this pain in the middle of my upper back,but i have started burping a lot more.. ... (3 replies)
... I was diagnosed with Barrett's esophagus last April. I looked at the pictures that they took with the endoscope, and I have ulcer like sores in my esophagus and upper stomache...where the two join. It burns or stings like you mentioned and is painful all the way through to my upper back. The pain is a lot worse at night. ... (4 replies)
... belch relieves the pain for a good amount of time...I notice it more when on my feet on waking up in the middle of the night... ... (10 replies)
... They start in the mid chest and down to the center of my upper stomach by the rib cage. ... (10 replies)
... occassional pain in back area, sometimes upper back but most often between kidney area and bottom of rib cage. ribs are sometimes tender to touch. ... (8 replies)
... No I'm almost sure it is not FDA approved for depression. (which means nothing to me) Please continue your research, I think you will find that St John Wart is not near as effective as Sam-e. In my opinion there is little downside as the side effects are almost nil. the one thing that I hear about is cost, 2.00 dollars a pill. That is crazy talk and if you look on the... (30 replies)
... I have actually have read alittle about SAM-e and was debating on trying it... I haven't read enough, but I will... it's over the counter... well you can get it at like GNC... but has it been FDA approved? I've thought about alternatives to AD's because I really don't want to get on them... but it's come to the point where I need something... I've even thought about St. John's... (30 replies)
... I get this fact it started before the bad felt almost muscular but it sure was painful :confused: (30 replies)
... On ocasion I get this pressure feeling in my upper stomach where the rib cage meets. Feels like something stuck there. Then it radiates to my upper back between the shoulder blades and feels like a squeezing pressure feeling. It is awful. Liek a vice grip squeesing my back. I take Maalox, Tums, etc.... ... (5 replies)
... GI Cocktails, Pain killers. A lot of the stuff that makes it better just masks the pain, and that's obviously not good. ... (1 replies)
... About a year ago, I got pretty nasty food poisoning from chicken at a restaurant. It had me in pain all night, vomiting and then pain in the following days. I then noticed that anything slightly greasy or rich I ate would make me feel as though I were about to vomit. This lasted about a week. ... (1 replies)

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