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... (6 replies)
May 17, 2007
... Doubling up will not hurt you.. if things get worse, acid reflux wise. Look into the apple cider vinegar treatment posts about. It may be you have a low pH and you need the buffer. ... (12 replies)
... counter acid meds and just drink a little ACV at meal times. I do not have any trouble with GERD or LPR symptoms anymore. My GI doc agreed that I probably don't make enough acid but didn't tell me how to fix it. That's why I'm seeing another doctor. ... (10 replies)

... I may have mild lpr because I do burn up in my throat sometimes and thats when the hot tea and mylanta usually work. It never works on my stomach. ... (12 replies)
... up" with the GI doc. I told her I had stopped all PPIs because I didn't feel any better on them than off. I also hesitantly told her that I started taking vinegar and felt better. I expected her to react differently than she did so I was surprised when she was interested to hear more. ... (0 replies)
... I haven't officially been diagnosed with GERD, or LPR or anything although I was seeing a gastroenterologist for about 2 years for my digestive problem and he could never give me a definite answer. ... (1 replies)
... I saw an ENT specialist this October because I had gotten so much worse. He said it was LPR and put me on Protonix 40 in the AM and Zantac 75 before bed. I got WORSE. It got to where I was on the Protonix in the morning and Zantac 4x per day. ... (6 replies)
... flemmy--\ I too, could have that nickname, and have had digestive, and mucousy problems my whole Life, the last year the reflux hit me bad, and I diagnosed myself and was confirmed by doctor to have LPR. Interesting about the low body temp, mine is too, 97 usually and low blood pressure, don't know if there's a connection.. I don't have health insurance either right... (8 replies)
... I 've not tried vinegar yet. And I've not seen an allergist yet. I don't seem to have the "classic" allergy symptoms either. Just lung and throat clearing, no itchy eyes etc. ... (8 replies)
... i agree it sounds like LPR to me -- just to add, that if you do try the apple cidar vinegar(some have had good results, I haven't) but be sure to dilute it first in water and maybe some honey. Very important, or you will burn your throat. I also want to suggest gargling with warm salt water several times a day, it helped me and it's so simple and easy to do. can't hurt to... (3 replies)
... I have read that apple cider vinegar is good. Have any of you tried it and if so how do I take it? ... (3 replies)
Gerd Symptoms
Aug 3, 2006
... I tried the apple cidar vinegar myself for about 7 days and it made my throat burn like acid fire. I think it's very dangerous for people like us unless used with extreme caution! ... (95 replies)
Natural methods?
Jul 22, 2006
... I was diagnosed officially about a year ago with reflux and confirmed with LPR and have been getting progressively worse although I am not overweight and eat VERY carefully. ... (13 replies)
Comfort foods?
Jul 19, 2006
... I forgot about Feta cheese, that works for me, and coffee isn't a problem for me either. I almost bought the aloe vera juice, but was stopped by the price... About the Apple Cidar Vinegar, I just wanted to add that I've been trying it for about 3 weeks or so, and I think it's very important to dilute it first especially if you suffer from LPR, which I suspect I do. Anyway,... (8 replies)
Jun 7, 2006
... s with my LPR. Anything fatty or fried, and many lean meats like skinless baked chicken breasts. Eating or drinking something acidic, like orange juice, or using vinegar in my salad dressing doesn't seem to give me any problems. Not that I'd drink a gallon of it to test it out.... ... (5 replies)
Apr 17, 2006
... Spider, I don't believe this has to be a lifelong illness. And if your husband told you that's why he left, then with all due respect, he's not worthy of you. My doctor told me that as long as I smoke the problem will not go away, because cigarettes create more acid, EVERY time you smoke. I know how discouraging this is. But this is how I look at it, there are... (11 replies)
... Since I stopped taking it, I have no chest pain, but I've been getting more and more reflux. I burp and it's acid instead of air. Someone suggested Apple Cider Vinegar on here, and it's actually helped a lot with the acid. I was wondering though, could you post about the Nexium and let us know how it works for you? ... (17 replies)
... I've been on Aciphex for 9 days now. Has still not made much of a difference. I know from reading everything in here that this (LPR) is not going to clear up over night. My diet has been consisting of chicken breasts, baked potatoes (no skin), egg beaters, & toast. I've been into so many websites about diets for GERD that i have done nothing but confuse myself. I've lost... (12 replies)
... If you have LPR, do not pay any attention to those espousing vinegar cures. It won't work for you. The main problem is that your doctor is prescribing the less effective PPI. ... (13 replies)
... Does the Apple Cider Vinegar help for nighttime reflux? ... (102 replies)

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