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... Wow I would like to know the answer to that question before I have one done. I am getting scheduled to have an endonoscopy and I am a singer. If this wrecks my voice I will be devastated. ... (1 replies)
... colonoscopy in August. Since then I have had a cough whereas I have to clear my throat throughout the day. It's not a hacking cough, just very annoying. I am also losing my voice on ocassion. ... (1 replies)
... d some improvements since diet changes, my sore throat is gone, burning throat not as common as it was before, post nasal drip gone too jusy not phlegmy throat , voice loss was gone, lump feeling in throat was gone too. ... (16 replies)

... A great post, Serenity! Thank you so much! I have all of the above listed symptoms. The dry cough, hoarse voice, tickle & lump in throat, (making me clear my throat and swallow a lot, and cough), choking sensation-sometimes I actually start choking for no reason, and the chest pressure and discomfort. Also, shortness of breath. I was diagnosed with a hiatal hernia and... (19 replies)
... All the acid going into our throat, the constant coughing and throat clearing aggreviates the vocal chords and so we have these problems with the voice etc. ... (19 replies)
... have a lot of trouble with voice loss and clearing my throat which has made me scratchy and hoarse on and off for about 3 years. ... (4 replies)
... He talked to his doc about it and they switched meds and he never got the cough back. He never indictated that it affected his speech though. ... (5 replies)
... ciption plan and I can't afford it on my own. I use an OVC generic med that helps at night. The throat clearing, coughing for hours in the morning with a chronic cough all day is a way of life for me. ... (5 replies)
... Each morning I wake up I have to cough for about 2 hours to clear my throat. I feel like I've dislodged mucus after this time and can sometimes cough it up and it's usually clear. It's pretty violent coughing and very annoying. ... (5 replies)
... My ENT put a snake down my nose. He said my vocal cords looked ok, just a little inflamed. He sent me off to voice therapy. After 3 sessions, we got nowhere. ... (0 replies)
Nissen vs. Linx
Nov 13, 2012
... I was originally diagnosed with LPR. The cause of the original reflux was the "The Hiatal Hernia coupled with a faulty lower esophageal sphincter." My final diagnoses was LPR/GERD. I've had multiple tests, scopes, and swallows done before going to my current Dr., who performed all of the tests again in his office and diagnosed me in less than a month. I had the... (27 replies)
... h Mountain Reader. I have also been suffering with Acid related problems for years and have no damage to my esophagus. I do however have problems with my throat, voice box, vocal cords, sinus and ears. ... (5 replies)
Help, PVVN/ LSN?
May 20, 2011
... Hi - - You and I share the same conditions: 1) I have been diagnosed with PVVN, vocal cord paresis and LPR (all the tests, PH, Esophogeal Manhometry, LEMG, etc.). - all of this triggered my stress/anxiety at work (I am sure of it) and then made worse becuase I had stress/anxiety over my symptoms... the old snowball effect over a 6 month period since Decemver... only 2 weeks... (5 replies)
Help, PVVN/ LSN?
May 19, 2011
... I'm at a loss for that. ... (5 replies)
Dec 6, 2010
... throat. It also squeezes the stomach making the refluxing worse. If I cough from asthma, it has the same cycle with the acid as well. ... (23 replies)
... tickle I am forced to cough. I cough so forcibly that those around me actually become frightened for me. ... (9 replies)
Jan 8, 2008
... I haven't had a really good day in I don't know how long. Not losing my voice is considered good to me and I was doing pretty good with that until today. Very hoarse and can't understand me. ... (8 replies)
Any help please
Sep 19, 2007
... I have implants, which cost another fortune. The reflux has affected my sinus as I have lost all sense of smell, loss of my teeth, hearing loss, loss of my voice, a chronic cough, asthma and all kinds of breathing problems. Sure there's some more that I've left out. ... (2 replies)
... Maybe a few of you remember that I began having a dry cough and loss of voice in mid April...began Protonix 2x 40mg per day in mid May... ... (2 replies)
... Thanks for replying, Ginger. My first symptom was loss of voice on and off and then a dry, spastic cough. That is gone now...I never had a sensation of mucous or a lump... ... (9 replies)

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