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... sweet jade, i dont know if u read in a newspaper article that females were taking testosterone to firm up their bodies.the side effect included severe acne,body hair.i have heard from my research with ts that f to m transsexuals have very bad acne,increased sex drive,lowering of the vocal cords,body hair.once the vocal cords have been lenghthened by the use of testosterone it... (114 replies)
... Hmm...well wouldn't anyone that worked out very hard have a lower sex drive simply because they are...exhausted? I don't know, but in general you won't have a lower sex drive. While according to one study, working out strenously will lower your testosterone (acne sufferers want this to a degree), that doesn't automatically mean it lowered your sex drive (what testosterone was... (114 replies)
... Big point: Difference between sweating(clogs pores) and sweating PROFUSELY (clears acne) Sweating - like when you are walking out on a hot day, will clog up pores , because its just small tidbits coming out of your pores combined with dust, it clogs. Sweating profusely - from exercise or saunas, is like a toilet flush, zooooooooooooooooooooom , lots of sweat comes out,... (114 replies)

... I eat 1 egg a day or so, 2 at most, I wouldn't want to eat more then that, theres a lot of cholestrol in it. Eggs are convenient and nutrtious but as always don't overeat it. (114 replies)
... so what are the steps to getting rid of acne or stopping it ? ... (114 replies)
... I have been on Yasmin for 5 months now and I think it was really what cured me. I always knew my acne was hormonal. I am 21 and I only had acne for 1 year because I got off the birth control pill to lose weight and then I went back on the pill after nothing would work for me. ... (9 replies)
... pills never solve a problem....umm huh... i guess u better never go to the hospital or doctor might want to try faith u can get healed of your acne.having a balanced diet,regular exercising with a combination of meds is my best bet.if you can do it without meds thats great but not a lot of people can in todays world. (114 replies)
... Whoa! Sweet... Thanks SweetJade1. after reading ost of your post,i realized what i studies at Biology is just kindergarden of Medical. lol... Thanks.... IWillHelpYou when wll you help us further? :D (114 replies)
... ALA, vigorous exericising is supposed one of the best ways to help acne sufferers "cheat". However you must eat your "cheat food" and then exercise immediately after to prevent a break out, otherwise it will occur. ... (114 replies)
... So what do you think of fat? I like hard-boiled eggs with the yolk. Is eating 3 or 4 of those ok? Is that too much fat? I'm not scared of fat when it concerns overall health, as I am pretty healthy aside from the acne. Just wondering if all that fat will be bad for the skin. (114 replies)
... Thank you very much IWillHelpYou. This thread is really cool. convinced me to change my lifestyle a little bit. Since this is helping so much, can i ask you something? actually two things: 1. Will i also loose fats around my face and chin? i know its Oil reducing but i guess its related. or do you have any better suggestion for face fat? 2. i have a sprained ankle, so... (114 replies)
... 1) I eat lots of vegetables a day, and During lunch and dinner, I eat maybe a palm of pasta, or palm of rice, or 1 slice of bread (that should be around 10-15 g of carbs) On the weekends, I will usuaully eat well at a restaurant, lets say chicken alfredo pasta, but when I get home, its running for a mininum of 30 minutes, (lots of sweat required) If you want to flip... (114 replies)
... hey iwillhelpyou: i guess i just got a few questions 1. around how many carbs do you eat per day? in grams 2. how often do you run or lift weights? 3. how much water do you drink? 4. Having sex/masterbation is also stress reducer and exercise at the same time..what do you think about the pros/cons.. have you or ANYONE noticed any correlation with acne? (114 replies)
... Sadly the the acne would then come back the next day or after the treatment and I'd become more depressed then an orphan with no gifts on christmas day. ... (114 replies)
... After you have tested your 2 day experiement and know your can lower your oil production on your skin. PORE CLEANSING ROUTINE. 2 methods. You can pore cleanse 2 ways. 1) Exercise Run for 1-3 miles (best way) , Lift weights (I know this is not possible for girls), You must sweat profusely (Profusely= Whole tshirt wet) (114 replies)
... Confused: I'm glad you will be testing out THE EXPERIEMENT re-explained: 1) Note down how oily your face is usually after a normal meal. You should know by touching your face anyway :D 2) Do the meat and vegetables meal - No white bread, no pasta, no rice, only vegs and meats - only green vegetables and meat (114 replies)
... Hello Ksaguy, I feel your pain really, the key to continue masturbation/sexual intercourse is , after you do the task, for 3-5 days your hormones will be out of wack, During this time for 3-5 days after, I usually workout even more to calm down my hormones. Remember exercise calms hormones. While it might not clear everything up, it decreases it. When your... (114 replies)
... WOW! now that i read your posts IWillHelpYou, i realised that almost all the stuff you said is ture at least with me. i had a very oily skin. infact, once a derm told me that i was one of the very few teens he had seen with such oily skin (i was 14 by then)....... i used to masturbate alot. and now when i decided to quit masturbating, my skin is less oily. i have... (114 replies)
... Soupyhead, Thats the issue, Believe it or not, you need to eat carbs to actually have clear skin! Can you state your exercising habits/ sweating habits? Can you state what do you eat mornining , lunch dinner How old are you etc/general information. so I can understand you better. (114 replies)
... We acne prone sufferers have extra work to do. ... (114 replies)

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