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... dams apple would be also a sensitivity to cold and feeling very lethargic. Any imbalance in your body can cause acne. If I change my dose of my pill sometimes my acne will get worse. But right now I am at a good level and I'm in good shape so my acne is getting alot better. ... (187 replies)
... Hi, This sound's a really interesting subject, i started having problems with my skin when i was around 21, I suffered with rashes, itchyness and minor acne, and nearly ten years later i still suffer, but i am much more under control now. When my skin problems first began i also started to suffer wit another occassional problem, if i didn't eat enough food or i skipped... (187 replies)
... I am 21. I do tend to break out worse before my period, but I do have consistent breakouts throughout the month. I dont understand your last sentence. Can you rephrase it? (3 replies)

... uct, from the doctor and otc, also accutane, and the only thing that has helped was this soap. He is 21, so maybe he is on the downside of acne, but he did have acne until he started this soap around the first of the year. It's not completely gone, but whenever he comes home from college it is less and less. ... (2 replies)
... Let me tell you about myself. I'm 25 years never had a problem with acne untill I was 19, started off really mild then the oil on my skin started to increase over the years and i ended up with moderate acne. ... (3 replies)
Who's over 20?
May 30, 2005
... fairly new to this whole thing. I had beautiful perfect skin until I got off my birth control pill for 3 months to lose a little weight. I never even knew I had acne hiding in my body somewhere. ... (21 replies)
Acne! Why Me?!B5 ?
Apr 22, 2005
... is usually when males get hit worst. my acne got worst then right before i went to college and it made my freshmen tough. Accutane is the only thing that almost guarantees clear skin for cystic acne. ... (9 replies)
Acne! Why Me?!B5 ?
Apr 22, 2005
... I am 18 years old and have acne for 5 years now. It is Cyst Acne. I always just accepted it because I thought it would be completely gone when I turned 18. ... (9 replies)
... i know exactly how you feel sahuja, but at least you are married. I'm a 20 y.o. (almost 21) male and i've never had a girlfriend (how i am i going to get married?) - mainly because of a lack of confidence. I think my face is so ugly with all the acne, redness, and scars. If it wasn't for acne, my life would be different. I want to stop hiding since i do have a good looking... (8 replies)
Help..back acne
Apr 11, 2005
... of my acne went away. ... (3 replies)
... I am 17 with acne, but it's not too bad. I'm like any other teenager and I think the reason I have acne is because of the raging hormones. ... (110 replies)
... drug" 5 times and I still can't get a clear face. Just think about how discouraging that is. A few years back, I definetly thought that by age 21, my acne would finally go away. But the fact that my brother still has acne at 25, is causing me to lose all hope that I will grow out of it soon.. ... (15 replies)
... yeah dont give up im 21 and ive had acne for years too ive been on all antibiotics for it i have cystic acne all over my back i dont have cysts on my face just few pimples im on accutane at the minute into my 2nd month i suffer with depression and social anxiety this is because of the acne it ruins your life ive even tried to end it all so i know how you feel im ok now but i... (15 replies)
... It's not the most severe acne, but I think I do have the most persistant case of acne of everyone. I've tried everything. I've even been on Accutane 5 times. 5 times! And I'm 21. And I still have acne! ... (15 replies)
... could type many many pages to convince you and hopefully one of these days your'll find this path is the correct one. It took me 4 yrs, to get clear in 1 month. Acne isn't usually brought on by you, but it is for a fact prolonged because of the popping, squeezing, harsh chemicals, and over washing. ... (45 replies)
... get them not on my cheek and Jawline but my T zone. forehead outer nose and chin. I would get a cyst or 2 plus your normal pimples in High School. When I turned 21 things started getting worse. I started getting 4 and 5 cysts at a time. it was bad. Now Im on Accutane. today is the last day of my 2nd month. ... (96 replies)
... d it, it went away, it came back, got injected again, went away, came back...did this about 4 times before it finally went away for good. I still had pretty bad acne on chin. ... (96 replies)
... I'm turning 21 soon. And when I say I had plenty of money, I meant enough to go another semester paying tuition and gas and oil changes and some food and basic stuff like that. ... (7 replies)
... plainmiserable- Honey we feel your pain! Im 21, and Im sick of it too. The only thing I can say is that your body will accept SOMETHING. Its just a matter of trying different things. Proactiv is a start- but if that doesnt work, then you know that benzoyl peroxide products arent the way to go- so you have to look in the next set of products. Theres so many things out... (96 replies)
... I have the same as you. I had really bad acne on my face...and now its mainly on my back and chest. I've used lots of topical creams...and nothing. I have scarring from it over the years. ... (4 replies)

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