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... Working out will increase testosterone levels, but certain (strenuous) exercises will increase it more significantly than others. You don't avoid working out out of fear of raising testosterone, you just pick exercises that don't raise it and inflammatory products (that's the key) as much. On the other hand, when you read the scientific studies an increase in... (114 replies)
... diet and exercise should be the first line of defense in treating insulin resistance that one would treat with Metformin, including IR found in PCOS & Syndrome X. if you modify your insulin response and blood sugars via these methods, you eliminate the need for Metformin b/c you have solved your problem at its root. of course, one must continue the exercise and special diet to... (114 replies)
... i'm still confused about the working out thing.. talking about increasing hormones by working out but we want to decrease the hormones dont we? and also i previously asked the poster about the sweating thing.. is sweating in any way good or do you think it should come by exercise? (114 replies)

... Hmm, well I am kind of in the "treat the cause not the symptom" boat, but I'm finding this very interesting nonetheless. - So how does Glycemic Index/Load fit in to your theory? If I eat only complex carbs with low GL, do I still need to exercise after a meal? - I am a person who cannot gain weight no matter how much I eat. I am hungry a few hours after pretty much... (114 replies)
... yea i read that also after doing research... (114 replies)
... hmm this is interesting and makes sense, but i heard your testosterone increases when you work out instead of decreasing like you confused. (114 replies)
... what do you think about sweating by sitting in the sun? for example going to the beach. so you try to workout after every meal that involves more than a few carbs.. but how often a week do you 'sweat it out' (114 replies)
... Pills never solve a problem, unless it's a genetic defect, and even then, everything should be done before you try pills. (114 replies)
... You said: ") All oily skin patients 99% have excessive testerone, Excessive testerone means your body will not produce the insulin/chemicals to metabolize the CARBOHYDRATES you eat in your body." quoted. I say: This is why people with PCOS take metformin, which increases insulin in the body. Anyone with this problem with bodies that don't produce the... (114 replies)
... Hello Soupyhead, You bring up another spectacular question, Sweating is the BIGGEST part of this regime, Oil is outputted from your skin, when you sweat you output the oil and other bacteria without it being clogged up, Its like a facuet, lets say the faucet has some clogged up crap inside it, IF you flush it with water, you will flush out the clogged stuff. (114 replies)
... testosterone.....androgens....human sex hormone..... (114 replies)
... cool man.. well i've been eating healthy for awhile and i'm getting used to it.. but i never run or sweat.. i'm kind of skeptical about the sweating part helping to clean out your pores.. i mean why not just use a face cleanser and wash your face real good? i do workout and lift weights a couple times a week but maybe i should increase the idea is you really dont... (114 replies)
... 1) What you say is all true, I do not recommend a 0 carb diet, You can eat vegetables + Meat. This is just an experiement to test if your skin reduces oil. Good addition to the thread though, thank you. (114 replies)
... thanks for the advice so far, i am going to start my two day diet tomorrow. wish me luck and please continue! (114 replies)
... Please continue... love to know where this is going if the "no" carb thing is not your answer.... (114 replies)
... Interesting stuff. Keep it coming. I definately fit the profile. A few questions: - Where does Milk (Dairy) fall into all of this? - You mention B5 as a successful treatment, so why did you stop taking it? Personally it worked wonders for me but I started to have some signs of hairloss which scared me off of it. - What is your opinion of pantenthine compared to B5?... (114 replies)
... I have nothing to add reallly, but after reading this, I just want to clear up a few things ......eating what is listed here is NOT 0 carbs. Brocolli has 4 gr carbs per serving (fist) .....ALL veggies have carbs, however, they are the "good carbs" not the sugar, refined bad carbs. NO ONE should eat 0 carbs, even for 2 days. The MINIMUM amount of carbs you should intake... (114 replies)
... so no carbs.. i've been trying it but never really got to 0 carbs.. maybe like 30 a day.. which is very low.. i think it has helped but i'm not sure if it will completely clear me if i do 0 carbs.. its a hard thing to do. (114 replies)
... joeh, This is not the diet, this is only the experiement :) I know what you are thinking "Theres no way I can ever sustain that" - I AGREE! But this is only for 2 days. Because you want to know if your body actually responds to this kind of withdrawal so you can take it further. We will increase to the food lots once we know your body does decrease oil... (114 replies)
... Are you talking about PCOS? Please yes elaborate, i think mine too is hormonal. I took accutane twice. Now i'm so sick of everything all that i do these past weeks is lemonade and baking soda. (114 replies)

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