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... hi, I have tried some diets which are supposed to help acne, but all of them, make it really hard NOT to lose weight! The best acne-fighting diet I have tried is the low-glycemic one. (eating foods which don't cause upsets in your blood-sugar levels) THis involves cutting out a lot of bread, cereals, pastas etc (even wholoewheat ones) However, I am a REALLY thin ... (9 replies)
... from what i have read you seem to know more about spiro than anyone. i am a 24 year old girl who has suffered from terrible acne since i was 12. i have been on accutane 4x. ... (7 replies)
... I'm hoping someone can relate to this. My 24 year old daughter got very bad cystic acne last year. A dermatologist prescribed long term prednisone at 60 mgs. a day. Not only did her acne not get better, but it got much worse. Then, the same derm. ... (2 replies)

... I never had acne till about 9 months ago. ... (24 replies)
... your very supportive of your sons decision to go through with Accutane. I know that having my mom, and friends support....makes a huge difference. Acne is such a difficult skin disease to live with...its embarassing and can really damage your self confidence...and if he's taking the initial steps to get help... ... (26 replies)
... old male and I struggled with acne until a few years ago. ... (5 replies)
... im a 24 year old female, ive had acne since i was 14. ... (7 replies)
... Some call it hirsutism, but when you've got irregular menstrual cycles I'd call it something along the lines of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). BC wasn't effective enough, Spiro wasn't either right? For you own sake, you can not stay on antibiotics because in no way are they helping you deal with your other issues, not to mention they are probably making your acne and... (80 replies)
... Just wanted to post my own personal experiences with Hirsutism--I'm not sure if I have it, but I do have lots of hair on my arms, fingers, toes, and a little around my naval. (It's all very blonde, so it's not so bad, except my face--I remove that hair around once per week). I have had acne for at least ten years (I'm a 24 year old female), and my derm. had perscribed LOTS... (80 replies)
... Hello, I am 24 year old male and for almost 2 years I have been getting pimples? ... (2 replies)
... So what do you think of fat? I like hard-boiled eggs with the yolk. Is eating 3 or 4 of those ok? Is that too much fat? I'm not scared of fat when it concerns overall health, as I am pretty healthy aside from the acne. Just wondering if all that fat will be bad for the skin. (114 replies)
... I have stopped the acne process since 2002, It is still there, I can turn it back on any time I do not follow my "Healthy" regime. ... (114 replies)
... hey guys.. i am new here. i've actually been lurking for months, reading posts and getting ideas, but i decided to finally sign up and post something. i am a 24 year old female.. ... (1 replies)
... f have fun, but this night was the night i had been waitin for, for a long time. this was not just some night, it was the night i thought i would hook up with my old crush from waaay back. well...i had to go home. ... (41 replies)
... Many of you may remember struggling with acne as a teenager. Most people grow out of it. But, for millions of Americans, acne is a devastating problem. But there is hope in the form of a new treatment. ... (3 replies)
... year old female. Have spots since I was 13 which rapidly turned into acne by the time I was 15. From the age of 15 I've tried creams, lotions, benzoyl peroxide, contraceptive pills etc. ... (3 replies)
... If that is the case I would suggest taking pictures of yourself so that you can show them to your derm. (4 replies)
... I am a 22 year old female. ... (4 replies)
... How bad was your acne before you began treatment? ... (4 replies)
... I am 24 years old, and I have had pretty clear skin since I was about 16 years old. About a year and a half ago, my face started flaring up with huge cysts. It was mainly on my forehead then, and there were always about 2 cysts on my forehead at all times. ... (1 replies)

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