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... How has the MaMa Lotion been working? Ive been hearing so much about it. Im wondering if it dries you out, but mostly, does it HELP?! (10 replies)
... i have had hormonal acne for a year and have tried more products than i care to mention before finally finding something that works. ... (10 replies)
... l for these boards, and for others out there like me. We all need each other. I'm sorry for the long post, but needed to get this out of my system. I'm almost 40 years old! I'm getting way too old for this crap! ... (8 replies)

... Some people think I look younger than my age because of my acne I"m 24 also I still feel like teen because of acne 40 years old people uh gross that like my parent's age. I like men the same age as me young men think we like older men but I dont. ... (6 replies)
... Like you, I never broke out as a problems started at 19 and I am almost 40 years old. sigh. ... (4 replies)
... :nono: [FONT=Century Gothi Having oily skin does NOT keep you from aging. This has always been a huge myth! Protecting your skin from the SUN prevents premature aging of the skin. All aging of the skin has to do with SUN DAMAGE!!!!!! (and the breaking down of collegen/free radical damage) I took accutane 1 year ago, and still have slightly oily skin, so NO accutane... (9 replies)
... One of my teachers in high school took accutane when she was younger because she had acne and she said it was,at the time,a blessing but now that shes older she wishes she had never taken it. ... (9 replies)
Acne scars?
Apr 10, 2003
... Hi, I've been thinking about doing something about my acne scars. They're not real pitted, but in the right light, they do not look good. ... (8 replies)
... Thanks Mr. Right, for that great detailed info! I'm a bit disappointed to read that the acne can return after a year or two. I really do wonder at what age this will end for me. Will I be 40 years old, still living every day with this zit face? ... (6 replies)
... How bad is the acne you have? ... (2 replies)
20 yrs of Acne
Oct 10, 2011
... My name is Lindsey. I am 30 years old and have been dealing with acne for 20 years. My acne is a mixture of cysts and mostly inflamed white heads and black heads on my face, neck, upper arms, chest, and back. ... (3 replies)
... Years ago my acne went away with homone therapy and now my child is having the same issues and the same cure is what is helping her. ... (9 replies)
... I am 53 years old and have add acne off and on during my life, at some times worse than others. ... (17 replies)
... I'm 40 years old and have had acne since adolescence except for several years when I was on the pill. I finally made an appt with a derm and just got back. I'm disappointed and discouraged with my visit. ... (7 replies)
... Hi. I am female, 40 years old. I started getting moderate acne in my mid 30's. I've pretty much gotten it under control with topicals in the past year or so. ... (34 replies)
... I've had acne ever since I was 12 years old. ... (14 replies)
Acne and over 40
Oct 26, 2005
... I am 42 years old. I've always had a pimple here or there, but generally have decent skin...that is, until now. Since I turned 40, it has been a battle. ... (2 replies)
Hope this helps
May 21, 2003
... I have been lurking on this messageboard for the last couple of months, and have finally decided to get off my ass and write in. I am 40 years old and have suffered from acne since I was 13. I have learned a lot about this condition and I hope by sharing what I know I can help others. ... (3 replies)
... r do anything with my friends on my freetime anymore. Needless to say I never talk with anyone of the opposite sex. I was a lot more talkative and outgoing three years ago, before pimples invaded my face. I was pretty popular with the girls too back then. ... (26 replies)
... cystic pimples in my life not until I turned almost 40 years old. I experienced it last year, to be exact May 2006. ... (4 replies)

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