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... This is the crucial question. This is where the new hypothesis on the pathogenesis of acne vulgaris is based, and this is where it diverges from conventional medical ideas. ... (11 replies)
Adult Acne
Dec 25, 2004
... Once I hit my 40s I started breaking out even more. The worst was when I had to meet my daughter's teacher for the first time. ... (73 replies)
... of all acne cases. The exceptions would be those that have an allergy to a food or skin care ingredient. ... (3 replies)

Myths about Acne
Oct 1, 2003
... Nothing. There's no real correlation. They're both myths, like many of the statements below. Get the facts on acne and clear up the confusion. ... (0 replies)
... it is easy. The reason why big bosses in firms dont' have acne is cos statistically people in their 30s 40s don't get much acne. It is still relatively low. There is much higher proportion of people not being offered jobs due to their ethnicity than having acne. ... (8 replies)
My acne story
Mar 15, 2015
... Thank you for posting what you did. I am sure your post will help other acne sufferers, especially those in your age group. ... (1 replies)
... as far as the possibility of growing out of acne. no i haven't.. that's why i say i've CONTROLLED my acne not CURED it. i still "fall of the wagon" occasionally and binge of some pizza or cookies and i'll break out a litlle. ... (39 replies)
... OK, I have been going all over this board trying to find girls that have acne like mine who are about my age. ... (28 replies)
... and once last treatment done i want to get some sort of acne scar removal treatment. all derms i go to try to talk me out of it as it isn't that bad, but it is also there, and i know its there as you can probably relate. ... (19 replies)
... Hi thank you for the reply,you are right,it wasn't peer pressure but i was really against taking the pills but listened to my doctor as they are the ones who should know it all so i felt obliged to do it.I just got my fist month of roaccutane prescription today and i am a bit nervous only because my recommended dose was 40mg for my weight put she's put me straight onto 60 mg,... (2 replies)
... ntibiotic and it usually works. The fact that you had a reaction to it is unusual, but has nothing to do with the progesterone. Accutane is the strongest of all acne medications. I have been on it twice. And, it really stunk while I was on it. ... (2 replies)
... such a depressing/frustrating condition. I am a male of 48..i still have acne..after years of trying everything that i know of..i think..ive tried every antibiotic there is.. minocycline, doxycilin, erythromycin, oxytetracycline, tetrasyl, trimethoprin.. ive had a couse of roaccutane..not something i would personally recommend.. My acne is facial and also bad on... (4 replies)
Acne problem
Feb 22, 2013
... Dave, not sure how old you are, but hormones play a huge part in this. For many of us, we have suffered with acne for most of our teens, and I, into my 40s...the only thing that ever helped for me, was photodynamic therapy, which is a laser procedure. ... (1 replies)
... I used Stievamycin GEL mixed in water not alcohol as alcohol would make me break out. I had to see a Dermatologist at the Acne Clinic and get tiny little injections of steroids after dry ice was applied. I've also had two dermabrasion surgeries for scars and used this gel afterwards. ... (4 replies)
... hese other disorders, but I knew that Hyperthyroidism could make you thin, acneic, and hirsute. Well that was'nt me nor was I hypothyroid, which can also produce acne symptoms for others. ... (15 replies)
... which was a disaster for me. 9 months of the worst months of my life. Im in my 40s now and I still get breakouts occasionally. ... (1 replies)
... Well.. The last drug ive tried was Clarithromycin..but this did not have any effect problem being that ive been on some sort of antibiotic for acne all my life..and my body seems resistant to everything prescribed.. My doctor said he cannot prescribe Bactrim for me (known as Septra) in this drug is only licenced here, for HIV.. So, that is... (4 replies)
... Have you tried Clindamycin capsules? Its an anti biotic. You got to get the Clindamycin prescribed from a derm. Its done wonders for ridding my face and body of acne? (4 replies)
Does acne stop?
Apr 14, 2009
... there's people in their 30s & 40s, still getting acne (1 replies)
... to when your hormones really start raging in later teens when bad acne can start. however why it continues after that into your 20s, 30s or even 40s is anyones guess though im not sure it happens so often for blokes so maybe its your time of the month causing an increase in hormone activity or something. ... (1 replies)

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