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Dear Plush:

I think that in Australia, UK and other countries the highest strength of retin-A I have seen is 0.05%.

This in cream form.

Since you say you are "dry" at times on the 0.25% gel, why not try the cream at the 0.5%?

The cream feels totally different to the clear gel.

Another option.....Stay with the gel at 0.25% (put on at night) and then a very gentle antibacterial in the morning. Basically a two pronged attack at the zits. The retin-A gel provides exfoliation, thus allowing a gentle antibacterial to penetrate deeper into your skin to kill bacteria.

(This is the exfoliation/antibacterial approach is along the same lines of how proactiv works, but with different meds)

Klaron is a ultra gentle antibacterial prescribed to a lot of older acne and rosacea sufferers (who are hyper sensitive to just about everything) because it does not cause irritation. It is has the consistancy of a thin, watery aloe vera gel.

This is my regimin and I am basically clear of all zits. I may get a small zit now and then, but they go away in a day because of the klaron.

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