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No dr. Stoll didn't tell me to take antidepressants .
Dr. Stolls recommendations were to complete the 3 legged stool of wellness. (You can read what that is on his website) I did ask him about me takin the adrenal caps and AD and he said that it proves his theory correctly but backwards and temporarily because you need to do SR to empty the hypothalamic fight or flight build up or storage.
I started taking them cause of accutane, but then saw some interesting things. I prob. should of been on em before accutane and I prob wouldn't had to go on it.
Accutane DID cause the depression but it's all about genetic susceptability. It prob. just advanced an underlining pre-existing condition.
I have had brain scans done with the latest state-of the-art nuclear technology called spect (single photon emission computed tomography). It shows how your brain is basically working with blood metabolism. Really crazy sh*t was goin on .
I can't really say if you should take an AD if you say your not depressed. I believe becasue your not "depressed" currently your under a chronic subconcious anxiety (which is a pre-cursor to depression) or like Dr. Stoll says your hypothalamus is constantly stressed with the fight or flight response.
I didn't know I had alot of stress but according to Dr. Stoll one cannot feel it. I've listened to him and added some other brain supplements like an AD, mega doses of fish oil, vit E, phosphytidal serine, gingko biloba, and recently adrenal caps (for adrenal support) and i'm completely clear and feel great. I've been clear for about 5-6 months.
I SINGLE most important thing for acne is Skilled Relaxation. I'm not saying it's easy cause it's not but if you practice and induce alpha waves for 20 min twice a day you'll be completely clear.......
Cmon guys why do people have acne and ALOT don't if we all have the same sebaceous glands ,same hormones, same P-acne bacteria?....Just think about it.
Like I said before i've never seen ANYONE that has a "happy go lucky" type of life with acne AT ALL!
Acne is only the tip of your ice berg from what is REALLY going on inside, when you have a chronic skin condition or other unexplainable disease/condition.
The medical community ( not in neurology or neurobehavioral )really frowns on thinking the mind causes the body to react good/bad.
To them every problems ROOT "fix" is organic in the body's biological sense.
I've takin MANY AD's and some are not all safe i might add lol, ( did this not for acne) but to try to repair the damage I saw done from my earlier years of smokin weed,drinkin heavily and other stupid sh*t and the one that works BEAUTIFULLY for me is wellbutrin.
It's also prescibed via Zyban to help quit smoking.
If i were you i'd stay with your current regimen and add in SR. For more information and help read over on the Stoll BB cause there is some guys over there that are "pros" at it
Hope this helps,
good luck

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