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... Would be awesome. I turned 51 last month. I should be dealing with aging skin and wrinkles, and how to keep as well hydrated and moisturized as possible, like many of my friends. ... (26 replies)
... Hi. I just don't know...usually Accutane is prescribed for people who haven't responded to regular treatment from their dermatologists...see what the doctor has to say first... ... (39 replies)
... The tender scalp began about 8 days into my treatment. I had a friend have a look at it today and she confirmed that it was pretty inflamed towards the back of the scalp. Perhaps it's an infection and is merely a coincidence, but it's certainly odd. I'll give it a week and see what the situation is then, after that it'll be a trip to the Derm once again to perhaps get... (40 replies)

... and he told me that the dosage he prescribed was exactly what it should be. To all who read this...does 80 MG A DAY OF ACCUTANE seem a little much for a person my size? ... (40 replies)
... Accutane cured my acne, but fortunately for me I had no long term side effects. I do have allergies now, but that could be due to aging. :D (2 replies)
... My face was just as oily before as after. I only wish mino would have helped my oily skin, I had to use accutane for that. ... (3 replies)
Accutane Journal
Oct 19, 2004
... e oily skin, but I mean it is not drenched in oil, it is usually worse in the heat. I just want to make sure that people with moderate amounts of oil have taken accutane and not dried up like a prune after, because I have heard horrer stories about people aging quicker after having used tane, because of how dry their skin became. ... (672 replies)
... i didn't mention anything about the hairloss in it. but since accutane my hair has been thinning. alot. ... (2 replies)
... r feeling now may not be in agreement with how you may possibly feel later on. Just remember scars are for life, generally speaking, and they only get worse with aging of the skin. Ultimately, the decision is yours. ... (9 replies)
... Having oily skin does NOT keep you from aging. This has always been a huge myth! Protecting your skin from the SUN prevents premature aging of the skin. All aging of the skin has to do with SUN DAMAGE!!!!!! ... (9 replies)
... This is true. People with oily skin do not show age as quickly. And people with acne are generally forced to take better care of their skin, so they don't show age as quickly. This, of course, depends on the topicals and medicines chosen. For instance, some topicals prescribed for acne can slow down the skin aging process such as glycolic acid + retin A. I can usually... (9 replies)
... Try to use sunblock and if you want a tan, get a good quality self tanning lotion. Why ruin the good skin you worked so hard for by aging it in the sun? ... (1 replies)
... chances are that i'm reaching here but i'd rather like to hear from previous users of accutane and anyone else who'd like to provide input. first, read this paragraph which i found on a webpage about accutane... ... (2 replies)
... Retin-A (Tretinoin) I. Definition: Tretinoin skin preparations are a family of drugs all similar to Vitamin A. In general, tretinoin gels are stronger than tretinoin creams because the medicine penetrates better when in a gel form. Tretinoin is used to treat acne and aged, sun damaged skin. Tretinoin works best when used in combination with alpha hydroxyacid... (10 replies)
... Accutane may cure acne, but some oil is essential to prevent aging of the skin. People with acne look young for a long time. Anyway, I've heard things about accutane drying out the skin and causing premature wrinkling. This is just something to think about in addition to all the other side effects. ... (1 replies)
... I am 25 and was prescribed Accutane because the rest of the treatments did not work... ... (10 replies)
... I am so relieved to find people with the same problem, and in the same age group.... Up until now, I have only been able to find teens and up to mid 20's with this problem. Okay.. I will warn you before I start my ranting b*tch... I have a really huge bad cyst on my chin right now. It hurts like hell and looks just as bad. I cant even cover this one up at all. I have... (14 replies)
... Hello everyone, I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but I have had acne for over 30 years :dizzy: In three decades, there is no cure?? I just received some ProActive yesterday--it's the same benzoyl peroxide that was around when I was in high school. It didn't work then and it probably won't work now. I'm 46 and while all my friends are buying anti-aging creams and... (3 replies)
Acne help
Jan 30, 2007
... You don't have to use an antibiotic, and they aren't the slightest bit helpful for many people. I tried the antibiotic and prescription topical route for about 15 years with no results. I even tried 2 courses of accutane. And my acne was 'really bad.' What worked for me was diet and supplements and I've been completely clear for over 6 months, and for the first time in... (4 replies)
Apr 6, 2006
... i need advice on a good sunblock, as the nice weather in just around the corner..but i want to wear sunblock EVERYDAY...just in case, and to prevent premature aging as well...any suggestions? ... (3 replies)

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