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... I believe it does, but I'm wondering if that is just a 'healing crises' that the body is going through, since high levels of biotin inhibit yeast in the body from turning into its fungal form. So, it may be the 'clearing of yeast through the skin'? ... (2 replies)
... Hi Mike: Here's what I take every day (and I break it into 2 - one with breakfast and one with dinner): Milk Thistle - 1000 mg. - 2 Zinc - 50 mg. - 1 Magnesium - 250 mg. - 1 Vitamin E - 400 IU - 1 Green Tea - 600 mg. - 2 Vitamin C - 1000 mg. - 1 Niacinamide - 1000 mg. - 1 BetaCarotene - 25,000 IU - 10 or 12 LiverRite - 2 (39 replies)
... this may be a dumb question but i know you are not to use scrubs while on accutane because u can damage/scar your face. would this be the same with b5?? i ask because i read that megadosing on b5 shrinks your pores and i thought maybe it could make the skin sensitive and prone to scaring like with accutane. (11 replies)

... and since I'm taking a multivitamin that has quite a lot of biotin in it, I have actually noticed that my face has been really oily lately! ... (11 replies)
... Cwaigy, What brand of b5 did you take? (11 replies)
... I did a search of this. Accutaine can cause hair loss. It varies person to person who take Accutaine. But I read the people who lost hair while taking accutaine. 9 months to a year later, alot of the hair grew back. Give it a year, see if your hair grows back. Or maybe most of it will grow back. How much grows back will vary person to person. I would obviously... (4 replies)
... Just wondering, but if the egg whites reduce biotin usage and dries up the skin. Why not just eat an egg white or two every morning? ... (11 replies)
... I've seen a lot of posts complaining about hair loss on B5. I've got some theories for it. One is that if B5 does cause a Biotin deficiency then that in itself has been linked to hair loss. ... (11 replies)
... art but there is some interest in this theory. To add further weight to this theory, Raw Egg White contains a chemical called Avidin which when uncooked binds to Biotin rendering it inactive. ... (11 replies)
... I thought I'd try dosing the B vitamins individually with the B5 to see which one caused the oily skin to return. I started with Biotin as it's been said to help hair loss. A few days after taking Biotin my oily skin and acne returned once more! ... (11 replies)
... hair is so thick im the only one who would notice, so i just ignored derm said it would be fine after the treatment. I take a vitamin B complex which has biotin in it so that is supposed to help. Keep us updated!! ... (179 replies)
... The tender scalp began about 8 days into my treatment. I had a friend have a look at it today and she confirmed that it was pretty inflamed towards the back of the scalp. Perhaps it's an infection and is merely a coincidence, but it's certainly odd. I'll give it a week and see what the situation is then, after that it'll be a trip to the Derm once again to perhaps get... (40 replies)
... and he told me that the dosage he prescribed was exactly what it should be. To all who read this...does 80 MG A DAY OF ACCUTANE seem a little much for a person my size? ... (40 replies)
... Ok, back to Accutane and your reply. ... (40 replies)
... i am in the end of month 5 and been taking biotin the entire time, lately my hair has been falling out like whoa. i am really getting scared. really scared. i am thinking about stopping the accutane cuz of this! ... (19 replies)
... yeah its ok, a lot of ppl on accutane use biotin shampoo/products for not sure if it has vitamin A i didnt think so, but small dosages of vitamin A are ok, like in fruist/vegatables and if this does i dont think it has enough to cause any harm, but again i dont think it does have any :) (5 replies)
... Is biotin shampoo okay to use while on accutane? ... (5 replies)
... c of the dryness from accutane. also try biotin hair shampoo, it helps with hair protien and hair loss. ... (5 replies)
... Hey! Good luck on your course! I dont think its a bad thing to break up the dosage throughout the day as long as you are getting the correct dosage by the end of the day. I know ppl who were given 80 mg and only took 40 throughout and their skin is great! I have read that some ppl get headaches after starting soon as the 1st or 2nd day, so i think thats fairly... (8 replies)
... and then i got real. my dad was 45 when he got rid of his acne and that was by taking accutane so i knew i was sentenced to accutane from the start really. ... (8 replies)

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