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... Yes its fine but try to avoid contact sports bc ure bones become weaker while on accutane. Dont let accutane limit you to excercise. I workout everyday 5 days a week. For about 90 mins. The only thing i have changed in my workout routine is not maxing out. ... (2 replies)
... You should exercise, but keep activities that are hard on your body to a minimum, like tennis. The elliptical trainer is good, but wait for your Achilles to heal first. (2 replies)
... I've been taking accutane for the past 2.5 months with no big problems or anything until a few days ago. ... (2 replies)

Accutane and PIH
Jul 23, 2013
... i have altered my diet, Quit smoking, and exercise frequently. ... (1 replies)
... my opinion and when i should just let things go because they aren't a big deal. my tongue is a little bit sharp today! but i can't fully attribute that to the accutane because i am tired from a very busy weekend and stressed about a hectic week at work. just something i will monitor. ... (21 replies)
... I have had some mood swings for sure. I am working hard to combat them with vitamins and exercise. I have to have bloodwork done once a month every month that I am on it!! Maybe my age has something to do with that. of course things could be different in Canada as well. I am allergic to Tetracycline unfortunately so it isn't even an option! I am just hoping this works!... (21 replies)
Dec 21, 2011
... I warn you! Don't do it! I was on accutane course 6 months 20mg, i was happy in the start but now i want to go back in time. ... (3 replies)
... rs were relentlessly hitting my knees. It wasn't until weeks after treatment too that I started connecting that there might possibly be a correlation between the Accutane and the random muscle jerks I'd been receiving. ... (1 replies)
Dec 9, 2009
... e buck to him so she couldn't be sued in case something did happen while I was on it. Now I have to go on a low fat diet, take 4 omega 3 fish oil pills daily and exercise regularly for the next month and if that fails to bring my triglycerides down to a normal level then I won't be able to get back on it. ... (3 replies)
... Thanks for the response. I've had maybe 4-5 pimples in 5-6 months post-accutane so as of right now so acne isn't even a factor; I'm more concerned about my health now. The shortness of breath is becoming a little more prevalent and my blood pressure doesn't decline no matter my diet / exercise level. This leads me to believe the accutane is still in my system and I can only... (2 replies)
... Down to 1 gram of B5 a day, increased to 40 mg of accutane for the weekends. I believe that I can take extra accutane over the weekends as I am not going out much. ... (250 replies)
... Yes, the total number of pills was almost 50 per day. I am also a Personal Trainer and Exercise Instructor and I've been taking handfulls of vitamins for many years although not this many. Only now, I streamlined them to achieve a specific purpose. ... (39 replies)
... day. If you have liver disease, any other disease, drink heavly, eat badly, don't exercise etc. Will make taking accutane almost toxic. ... (250 replies)
... Ok Look, Accutane works by reducing the sebum glands... ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Apr 25, 2009
... ing 80 as I write this little blurb. I am playing 6500 yard courses with decent ratings. I walk these courses for the exercise.. the way to tie this story into Accutane once again is to say, 10mgs a day and sunscreen made it all possible. Still clear of all acne and rosacea symptoms. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Apr 23, 2009
... Great news, I shot an 88 today at the golf course. I started about 9 months ago to play this silly game to get some exercise back into my life. How does it tie into Accutane therapy? ... (250 replies)
... Hi. I'll give you my exact vitamin dosages (But later on today b/c I'm going to work right now) - but I have no side-effects at all. I just take a lot of vitamins every day. The total is @ 50. I take 29 in the morning and 19 at night. But I've always taken SOME vitamins so I am able to take them by the handfull (with food of course). I'm an exercise instructor so if... (39 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Mar 16, 2009
... Shidoshi, you couldn't be more correct about helping Accutane therapy out. The modern industrial diet has provided us with many new diseases. ... (250 replies)
... o off it, the BP shoots up again. Keep in mind that although my diet ok but is not the best, I have an affinity for Jack Daniels and I have a high stress job, I exercise regularly, I am not overweight and all other vitals are good. My doc maintains that the pox was the trigger for all of this, including my skin. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 19, 2009
... m not sure if it is from the accutane or the fact that I stopped using everything else. Today I was a little more broken out but they went as quickly as they came, which was strange. ... (250 replies)

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