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... what would be good foods to eat? ... (16 replies)
... im liking how the accutane is transforming areas of my skin. most notably in the cheek area closer to my nose. the texture is different, and not as greasy looking as it once was. ... (231 replies)
... today is a good day, HOCKEY is back! and theres 15 games for me to watch. and the face is doing well also. not much change from yesterday, but it takes time. ... (231 replies)

... name brand. there are 3 generic versions of accutane that i know of, clavaris, sorvet, and amnesteem. ... (5 replies)
... i have the same problem my rite side is ok but my left side is filled with bumps and zits. but my forehead is doing pretty good. good luck to u and hope u have clear skin, and hope it healps me too. ... (231 replies)
... hey hybrid, good question. when i first started using neosporin i was worried about that also. i am thinking you will just have to see how your skin reacts to it. ... (231 replies)
... TY, but wats generic?? :confused: (5 replies)
... i am on amnesteem and so far its doing a good job. ... (5 replies)
... The FDA requires that these drugs be chemically identical. If the generic doesn't work well for you, it isn't because it's a generic. The brand wouldn't have worked, either. (5 replies)
... beacuase im not really happey tht i got amnesteem not accutane so tht kinda got my mood down, but if anyone know plz leave a repaly. ... (5 replies)
... will be all that much slower.however the type of pimples i get now has evolved into relatively small zits which come to head within a day or two but that aint a good thing cuz the pus filled heads look disgusting. ... (231 replies)
... small cyst here and there but for the most part i have good control over the situation. ... (231 replies)
... welcome.. good luck with getting accutane. ... (231 replies)
Oct 1, 2005
... Check out the pinned FAQ for Accutane at the top of the page. ... (2 replies)
... Hi PK125 :cool: I used to suffer horrible, painful cystic acne on my back, so bad that it used to prevent me from getting a comfortable night's sleep on some occasions. I took a course of accutane (20mg, three times a day for the standard five months) and it cleared my back and shoulders up once and for all - the acne has never returned in those areas! I wish the same could... (5 replies)
... so r u on accutane as in accutane the pills or u have amnesteem? ... (231 replies)
... thing that I have ever done with myself. I was on 80 mg a day through the whole thing. Diet was not a real issue with me. I was actually told by my derm that Accutane was fat soluble and dissolved in fat, so I ended up taking it with not so healthy foods. ... (35 replies)
... ks even better today. there arent any blackheads on my nose that i can see. it's also very smooth and the pores are smaller. the parts of my cheeks that are in good condition feel and looks like baby skin! soft, kinda blushy.. ... (231 replies)
... with the progress this far. i have to say that i am too. the doc commented that he notices a change in the look and feel to my skin. when i got home i took a good look in the mirror and its true. the texture on my cheeks has definitely changed. the pores on my nose seem to be tightening, with almost no blackheads. ... (231 replies)
... drinking a lot of water is key... no matter what, whether you are on meds or not water is vital. you need to keep hydrated. i am on accutane for a month now and i believe the reason i havent been hit hard with the dryness factor is because i drink a TON of water each day. ... (35 replies)

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