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... Well the dry skin has kicked in!! Quite itchy in fact- anyone know how long this lasts? Im using cetaphil moisturizer....hope it helps! :) (179 replies)
... Hey, Im on day 8 and yours sounds almost like mine! My skin is a little worse and itchy almost, where its dry in some places and oily in others....just plain annoying. ... (35 replies)
... neosporin is for treating cuts and scrapes... it helps heal things like that. its a basic first aid topical. like i said, i noticed my skin was getting dryed out just about a week into treatment. but recently, withing the past 5 days or so its been getting more dry than usual. its not peely flakey dry, but tight - itchy feeling dry. it peels a little where my skin is... (231 replies)

... day 38. no improvements today. actually things are a bit worse. a couple new deep seeded pimples popped up and they will surely linger for a while. red marks all over. my skin is drying up more. its getting itchy. i hate the feel of lotion on my face. i just want to go to sleep for 4 months. im tired of having bad skin. its really bringing my life down. keep on... (231 replies)
My Accutane Log
Oct 6, 2005
... eaking out right at the 3 day mark. Up until two days ago I was still breaking out. I'm still getting new spots but not at the rate I was. I'm sure it is the Accutane causing this because I have not broke out this bad in 3 years. But it seems that things are calming down now and in the morning my skin looks better and better. ... (3 replies)
... i've got many new spots today..argh.. and my skin is itchy and it hurts.. ... (35 replies)
... last night was better. aquaphor is great stuff. still itchy, but whatever. definitely worth it. im on my way to the derm this morning for my one month checkup. i have a feeling my dosage will be upped from 80mg per day. reason being im not getting dried out or flakey. my face isnt all that red either. ill post later on what happens (231 replies)
... I am now on day 43 or 44. I am doing okay on it. Post acne marks seem to be fading a little bit. The acne is basically doing this it is seeming that whenever something forms it is stopping it and drying it out from the base and then stays there dried out for a time period(usually a while) so basically it is itchy and dry and working (60 mgs a day) I hope it starts clearing up... (0 replies)
... So far i see some scars being reduces but my face feels itchy and inflamed acne is seeming to come out from underneath the face and I am only washing it in the showers. ... (1 replies)
... yea I am hopefully gonna go on 80 mgs soon but i am 39 days in and it just seems bad like I mean i had it bad before also but it seems itchy now and I cant touch it because I only clean my face in the shower as to not mess with it. I dont touch it or irritate it at all. I hope this accutane helps me! ... (13 replies)
... Basically I started Accutane a month ago. ... (4 replies)
... I went through the same thing during months 4 and 5 of my treatment. I'd get really itchy red patches on my forearms and biceps. I'd scratch the heck out of them and make them worse. ... (4 replies)
... I told him I dont want to throw away money on a bunch of crap for the next two years if I could just go on accutane and have it work. He said I need to "earn" my way onto accutane by trying other stuff. ... (0 replies)
... my 4th month and i can't wait too see the overall results. but umm there one problem at this point, i'm really itchy, what would you guys recommend i add to the itchy spots, i try not to scratch but i kinda rub them. ... (216 replies)
... My dose has been upped and I'm seeing results but my back is still a mess :( :( (11 replies)
... my dry eyes and itchy scalp are no more, i dont know why jus an intial reaction which i guess my body got used too, apart from that all is well! ... (11 replies)
... i didn't start to get results until my dosage was upped. now my skin is clear, but i'm dry and kinda itchy all over. good luck! ... (11 replies)
Facts on Accutane?
Jun 14, 2005
... aquaphor is good stuff, but it won't stay on my lips for more than ten or so minutes, so i save it for itchy patches and nighttime. ... (8 replies)
To start Accutane?
Jun 14, 2005
... hi thankyou for your response. I am going to see my family doc. today and i am seriously think about accutane because i have what i believe is gram negative folliculitis, and accutance is apparetnly the only cure for that. ... (4 replies)
Whats Accutane?
Jun 3, 2005
... Thanks arock! But my acne is'nt even that bad infact it was better befor i went to the dermatologist. Well it was bad enough to go. But he prescribed me retin-a micro which worked well on my face but i also have acne on my arms he said it was ok to use it there too, so anyway after useing it for a while i broke out in this red itchy rash thing went back and he said it was... (4 replies)

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