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May 31, 2005
... s shampoo and conditioner it is the nioxin for colored hair, its not called a conditioner something weird but I forget, this has really helped me, I have no more itchy dry scalp or dandruff since I started using it! It makes your hair feel real good, and its all natural so no worries! ... (3 replies)
... abit depressing but that clears in a couple of weeks, I've had dry lips with I conquered with lip salve, moisturiser for my dry skin, one of the worst I had was itchy and flakey scalp, that was terrible, but my Dr. gave me somthing that fixed that. But today however I am not going to go to work, I am going to go see the Dr. ... (6 replies)
... I'm on day 13 of accutane and its been a rollercoaster of a ride!!! ... (6 replies)

... snt all been plain sailin so far my lips are soooo chapped if i open my mouth too wide the corners will crack, eyes are very dry kinda look like im hungover lol! itchy scalp isnt too bad...yet! ... (2 replies)
... hola! first two months of accutane, 40mg/day, severely chapped lips, dry eyes, intense, severe breakouts. next two months, same, less intense breakouts. last two months, 80mgs/day, severely chapped lips, esp in the corners (sometimes looks like a coldsore, so gross!), dry eyes, photosensitivity (for the first time in my life), dry, itchy skin all over, skin clearing... (6 replies)
... hey del, you sound great! what an attitude you have girl, i'm so jealous. but i'm so happy for you, sounds like you're treating yourself well. i gotta get some of that jergens!! i couldn't find it at the grocery, they had every other kind of jergens tho. and some coppertone thing that claimed to be the same, but i'm not taking any chances. i'll have to try target today. ... (216 replies)
... Hi Paige and welcome to Accutane! I am glad our posts have been helpful to you. This board is where I turn when I need encouragment. If you have any questions, ask, tons of people will respond! it's a great thing. Today is day 27. I am doing much better. I am not getting any new big pimples. I am just getting little tiny ones and they usually go away fast. My chest is... (68 replies)
... on the rest of my body and that is working good as well. My skin is itchy and so is my scalp so I leave my conditioner on my hair a little longer in the morning which seems to help. ... (68 replies)
... I went on 40mg a day of Accutane for 3 months. Within 2 weeks my chest was completely cleared and my face was already getting noticably better. ... (4 replies)
... moderate acne but several dermatologist refused to give me accutane until they tried many other things first. ... (25 replies)
... hat sucks is my scalp is soooo itchy!!! omg and my hair is so thin as it is i am deathly afraid my hair is gonna fall out and thin really badly once i've been on accutane for a while... has anyone had this problem while on accutane? ... (216 replies)
Accutane day 4
Jan 19, 2005
... Your skin will change a lot in the first month or so. The Accutane doesn't clear your face right away. ... (15 replies)
Accutane day 4
Jan 18, 2005
... hi im day 4 of accutane my skin is still abit oily and ive got whiteheads all over aspeacially on the outside of my nose and on my chin which is sore and itchy at times is this normal and how long will it be for these to go away can anyone help and what symptoms are to come next? ... (15 replies)
Accutane Journal
Jan 14, 2005
... By the way, I'm using a very mild soap on the rest of my body now because before I started, what I used kind of made me dry and itchy so I'm being careful. What do you all do to your faces when you take a shower? ... (672 replies)
... lol. They aren't really dry, but they just get itchy every once in a while. ... (92 replies)
... thats what takes lo long toget ride. Tkae accutane before more scaring occures. I don't belive you will regret it. But remember this post is just my opinion. ... (15 replies)
... It started working for me immediately and worked perfectly for 6 mons. After that I only got very minor breakouts here and there. I did get very itchy all over when I started taking it, but I stopped for a week, the itching went away and when I started the pills again, it never came back. ... (9 replies)
... A lot of people complain about dry lips, nose bleeds, dry skin, and itchy eyes while on accutane. ... (7 replies)
... OK I see now. I was oily but it stopped after about 2 weeks @ 40mg/day. The dryness is EASILY combated with moisturizer. You have to use Aquaphor and Cetaphil face wash is just soooo gentle, anything else is too painful/irritating to use. I had really dry patches all over my body but I just put Aquaphor on those spots at night and stopped having them during the day.... in... (36 replies)
... I was supposed to be on accutane for 4 months. I end up on them for about 1 month and came off it myself. The side effect was not worth it compare to its benefit, I feel. ... (36 replies)

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