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Low Dose Accutane
Mar 29, 2009
... headaches and libido problems I will probably back off again on the dosage. I believe that doing the least amount of harm while building on the total cumulative dose is the way to go. If I don't get a remission after all of this I may try another round. What the dosage will be I have no idea. ... (250 replies)
... I'm currently on my 1st month of a "low-dose" course of Accutane (10mg/day). My dermatologist said low-dose, long-term has an equal chance of being effective as high-dose, short term. I personally don't think it'll work because in the past, I've been up to 120mg/day. (7 replies)
... I apologize for not posting the last several days. I was temporarily taken off my Accutane while I fight a sinus issue. ... (26 replies)

... ery old man and my testosterone and hormonal values change. But hey, who knows what the future holds. I also have high hopes for sustained microdose therapy of Accutane in the long term. Whether my Derm would go for that is another question. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 14, 2009
... Well its the morning of day 9 and I have taken 8 Acctuane pills for a total cumlative dose of 160 milligrams. I still take it at night before bed with a small meal. Well, I am in love with this drug, fear and all. ... (250 replies)
... sadend, you've really given me some hope!!! i know i still need to talk to my dr. about this (hopefully he is a supporter of the low dose, long term) but this seems to be a viable option. none of the creams/lotions/etc are working for me, i really believe it is a hormonal problem that has to be treated from the inside out and this may just be the way to do it. sure hope... (25 replies)
... Most dems have a split opinion on low dose long term accutane however many modles and actors keep thier skin clear this way as well as people with roseca. ... (25 replies)
Accutane and hair
May 18, 2003
... I've used accutane 4 times for large doses each time. ... (5 replies)
... I would like to know the long term usage of accutane. ... (0 replies)
... dose Accutane course! ... (0 replies)
... The drug is very hard on your liver and your skin so I am thinking that low dose over a period of time is not a good idea and besides you don't really have to because the effects of Accutane is long term. ... (2 replies)
... There are many foreign studies on low dose Accutane. If you look at a thread by "LowTane" he has links to them. ... (2 replies)
... EOD of accutane to help keep down my acne. I am 35 years old and had bad acne as a child. Now that im older I still get the occasional flare up, which is very bothersome. ... (2 replies)
... Thank you so much for your blog. It was of tremendous help to me. Today I began 40mg/day of Claravis. My doc would not agree to a lower dose, even tho' I requested it many times. 6 mos is my planned duration. I did visit another derm yesterday who is out of my network, who agreed that if my acne comes back after 6 mos, he'd put me on 10mg/day (possibly for a long term). I am... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Nov 24, 2009
... Well you sure don't post as much when your acne is at bay..... I am off Accutane for around 4 months. My oil has increased slightly with only an occasional pimple. Pores are about the same. All is still well. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Oct 20, 2009
... Now for my post, 4 small surface pimples but no real oil. They have appeared and healed quickly. I am trying not to worry about it. I am going to stay off Accutane regardless. I want to see how long this lasts without the support of low dose treatment. Its the only way this journal will be significant. ... (250 replies)
... counter treatments and extremely low fat and suger intake. ... (250 replies)
... in and nose. They were small and cleared pretty quickly. I was alarmed. But I am still staying clear at this point. I have had noticeable oil at the end of a long day. After washing it didn't come back or pool up like it used to before Accutane therapy. My Rosacea has been in check. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Sep 29, 2009
... afflicted me as well. I researched low dose Accutane and found multiple studies in other countries where outcomes were extemely positive. I found these studies on legitimate sites that report research outcomes. ... (250 replies)
... ometime and when the oil returns go back to what works. He is fully informed as to what I am doing. Some people have been able to controll oil with vitamin A. Accutane is a substance "isotretinoin" that we have in our bodies naturally. I am not concerned about long term usage at these levels. ... (250 replies)

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