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... cne. It's not really severe but as a 25 year old, it is very frustrating. I suffered from acne as a teen and was put on accutane. I had great results with the accutane but could not stand the side effects. I was sick for the entire 6 months I was on it. ... (62 replies)
Omega 3 advice
Aug 16, 2008
... My son had great success with the Omega 3, perhaps it is not as effective for a female hormonal issue. ... (5 replies)
... you're absolutely right!!! fish oil contributes to healthy skin - this supplement is widely used by celebrities. My doctor told me about its benefits too - though I am not consistent taking it everyday, I noticed the change on my skin either - I had major breakouts last spring-summer, it just made my skin healthier and no more cystic pimples. I am using Nature's Made or... (62 replies)

... I have been suffering acne for over 15 years. have been on accutane 3 times already. it did work but each time it kept coming back after 6months. I thought i knew everything out there that was to know to help prevent acne. ... (62 replies)
... I'm new to this board and about to start Accutane later this week, after trying endless products and prescriptions. ... (62 replies)
... You had mental problems with accutane the first time and are going for a second round ? ... (30 replies)
... recommended while on accutane. Think about it... you are drying your body out...anything that can "lubricate" you while pose positive benefits. In addition, the omega 3 assists in counteraffecting depression caused by accutane. My vitamins do have vit A in it. I double checked with my Dr. ... (216 replies)
... month course of Accutane that helped rid me of my cystic acne. ... (2 replies)
... What kind of liver flushes are you on? I also am an avid naturopathy/homeopathy user but Im not sure what would work best while on accutane. There are daily detox teas that I've been looking into this product: Any suggestions? (216 replies)
... I had 3 sessions of the smoothbeamlaser, but my acne was persistent. It was actually worsened after the smoothbeam. I am on my 10th week of accutane. ... (216 replies)
... I had 3 sessions of the smoothbeamlaser, but my acne was persistent. It was actually worsened after the smoothbeam. I am on my 10th week of accutane. ... (1 replies)
... r months. I guess there is something in McDonalds that helps to balance my hormones. Some people need more of "this" than "that." You may need more vitamin a and omega 3 in your diet. On the other hand, I may have more Vitamin a and Omega 3 than I need, and I would need other vitamins to balance it out. ... (20 replies)
Accutane troubled!
Sep 11, 2007
... I still would recommend taking Accutane tho. ... (9 replies)
... as far as i know taking large doses of vitamin A would do the exact same thing as accutane. the only reason that doctors prescribe accutane is that it is/was patentable, whereas vitamin A is not. large doses of vitamin A tend to create the same side effects as accutane. BUT... if you take beta carotene, (it converts to vitamin A in the Body), then there is no risk of... (7 replies)
... so i can blame these problems on accutane but it MAY NOT be the reason for them. ... (73 replies)
... iron proof that accutane promotes depression but there are theories about it. I am adamant that I was depressive in the first month or so of treatment. ... (15 replies)
... fish oil and see a psychiatrist asap. Make sure your off of accutane if you see the psych because they probably won't treat you since accutane is causing the problem to begin with. ... (30 replies)
Accutane and hair
Dec 13, 2007
... well before i knew i pcos, i used accutane in hopes to clear my skin, which it did....but im also on bcp.. ... (0 replies)
... my second course of accutane began after i had a two year battle with bulemia and and anorexia nervosa. ... (2 replies)
... I'm a female in my early 40's and started on 40mg/day of Accutane two weeks ago, 3-17-08. This is the second time I've been on the drug; the first time was ten years ago. Anyways, so far I've experienced almost no side effects, just some slight lip chapping and a little bit of flaky skin around the nose. Assuming my tolerance continues, my dermatologist will up my dosage... (8 replies)

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