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... Hi Derfster. I experienced the same thing while on accutane 3 years ago. You will not like this but I'm being honest..the redness never went away. It just morphed into a diagnosis of "rosacea". ... (3 replies)
Accutane Redness
Jun 2, 2005
... Im on week two of accutane and my skin is really red. I have always used sun block and avoid the sun pretty much everyday. I'm not sure what could cause the redness... ... (3 replies)
... All I've ever wanted was an even skin tone. It's always been the redness that's bothered me. As far as I'm concerned, when I look in the mirror, it still looks like I have acne. ... (92 replies)

Accutane redness
May 9, 2003
... get rid of the redness from accutane? ... (4 replies)
Accutane redness
Feb 22, 2003
... Are there any products or has anyone got any advice to calm the redness I'm getting from accutane? ... (2 replies)
... OK so I've been off accutane for about 3 months now but there is stil redness underneath my bottom lip and it really looks bad. Anyone know anything i can do to make my skin look normal again? ... (0 replies)
May 10, 2001
... access the search engine "Excite" and search for "Dr. Stoll Accutane acne." Once at Stoll's site, hit the "archives" link. ... (3 replies)
Accutane redness!
Jul 22, 2005
... hey accutane users....just a lil question...does your face get a shade darker or redder while on accutane? ... (0 replies)
Accutane Redness
Jun 4, 2005
... I went out last night and had only ONE beer and felt A LOT more buzzed then i ever had with one beer. So i guess your right.. I shouldnt drink! But no hangover... Quick off the wall question, i'm on my first month of accutane and might quit my job (they stress me out too much!) does anyone know what the hell COBRA is and how it works? I know it lets you keep your... (3 replies)
Accutane Redness
Jun 3, 2005
... I haven't been on accutane, but I can sympathize with the low concentration at work. I'm a college student who works 20 hours a week also. Stay away from coffee and soda, it'll make you feel worse. Try green tea (there's a kind called macheta I think?). It's super good for you, the little caffine in it is absorbed by your body slower than coffee's caffine so it lasts 8... (3 replies)
... month accutane treatment, and my cheeks were kind of red too, but it has subsided since. Take care. ... (3 replies)
... def, dont worry i dont think ts permenant. Im not on accutane but i might go on it so i haved asked alot of people about it and that was one question i asked. ... (3 replies)
... hey there everyone......i've been on accutane for 2 months and everythings been going smoothly so far i.e not a breakout since and my skin feels much smoother. ... (3 replies)
May 10, 2001
... it may be simple irritation. Accutane alone can cause this, and what you put on your skin can also. Which products do you use? ... (3 replies)
... I can give you some advice on the redness and dry skin questions. I have been on Accutane 4 times. ... (3 replies)
... I'm currently on Accutane and I thought to do my bit. I started to take Accutane 4 months ago. ... (18 replies)
... Hi ya, daitheflu, I'm currently on Accutane and I tought to do my bit. I started to take Accutane 4 months ago. ... (14 replies)
... I'm suffering from face redness on accutane. ... (4 replies)
... Could someone, who has already been on Accutane or has done a lot of research regarding the drug, please tell me whether it has the same negative affect as antibiotic usage on the body's intestinal flora? ... (3 replies)
... t I get fewer pimples than I used to, and the pimples I do get aren't as egregious as they used to be. But one thing that has gotten worse since I started taking Accutane is redness and scarring. Before I started the drug I didn't have issues with residual redness or scarring. ... (2 replies)

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