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Accutane Round 2
Sep 20, 2004
... years went by until I finally decided to do something about it. Sure wish I would have started it right from the get go. To be honest, I've never even heard of Accutane until one friend suggested I go to a Dermatologist. ... (7 replies)
Accutane Round 2
Sep 18, 2004
... blue2stream", in all fairness, Accutane works different on everyone. It could clear someone with really bad acne with one coarse, or it might no clear someone with a little acne. ... (7 replies)
Accutane Round 2
Sep 18, 2004
... How old are you, Blue2stream? I'm curious because my derm just told me that the younger you are when you go on accutane, the stronger the chance you have of your acne returning, due to hormone fluctuations. I'm 23 and she told me that I may have to go on another course sometime in the future because most people's hormones don't level out until later in their twenties. ... (7 replies)

Accutane Round 2
Sep 18, 2004
... I was completely acne free after I was done with the course. Also, I was completely acne free for 2 or 2.5 yrs after that. Unfortunately, it's back now. But those were the best 2.5 yrs of my life. That's why I'm doing it again. ... (7 replies)
Accutane Round 2
Sep 15, 2004
... t be afraid of Accutane just because of its initial breakout. ... (7 replies)
Accutane Round 2
Sep 15, 2004
... Well it may break you out, it may not...not everyone gets the initial breakout on accutane. I don't know if it's too early to say anything, but I've been on accutane for about a week and so far my acne is just about the same as it always has been. ... (7 replies)
Accutane Round 2
Sep 15, 2004
... I am getting cool touch and not sure if its working or not ... im up for my third treatment in 2 weeks. I wanted to take accutane too but im nervous that its going to break me out ... and its not going to work. ... (7 replies)
Accutane Round 2
Sep 15, 2004
... Looks like I will be back on accutane again after 2.5 years of being acne free. For all the people who have been on it for at least 2 times, I've heard that the initial breakout is not as bad as the first time you were on it? ... (7 replies)
... As for my first course of accutane I took a total of 40 mg per day, 20 mg in the AM and 20 in the PM. ... (11 replies)
... dosage of accutane. Last time I was there, he had suggested it, but I tried the spiro route instead. Unfortunately that was not successful. Anyways..what dose of accutane are you taking? ... (11 replies)
... I figured that once I know what my hormones levels are I can figured out which ones need balancing. I suspected that I had excess estrogen and doctors suggested birth control to balance out the mones. However, my symptoms always became worse on birth control. I think I was on hormone overload already and adding more just made things way worse. I decided to use natural USP... (11 replies)
... a hormone test and I can't wait to see the results because I'm almost sure it will give me some answers and then I can balance myself out so I never have to take accutane again. woohoo! ... (11 replies)
... four weeks. It was amazing but after I ended the treatment the acne returned in about 6 months. After this course, I certainly won't take accutane again if the acne returns....sigh. Hopefully my hormones will have settled down by then. ... (11 replies)
... d. if you are having strange symptoms i would definitely stop the accutane. i know it's hard to give up the quick remedy to clear skin. i went on two courses of accutane and then the acne came back worse than ever before. ... (11 replies)
... By the way, I tried accutane and it cleared my skin, but 6 months later the acne returned. I would not EVER take it again. Too many side effects. Too dangerous. ... (11 replies)
... Hey everyone, I was around these boards about a year and a half ago when I went though my first course of accutane (40mg a day for 5 months Jan-June) It cleared me up completely and people often complemented me on my "baby skin." Life was beautiful! I was scared to death that the acne would come back and unforunately, it did >cringe< The acne began to resurface so I... (11 replies)
... I'm liking this online journal concept and since I just got put on Accutane again for my cystic acne I have a reason to keep it. ... (2 replies)
Oct 20, 2012
... My daughter took accutane for 5 months at 14 years old. She never really got super dry skin, lips or mouth. ... (0 replies)
My accutane kit
Jun 26, 2006
... but my face was still oily, and all it did was control the amount of cysts, not stop them from forming. after about year of that, i decided to go back for round 2. ... (4 replies)
... sorry i forgot to comment about round 2 of accutane....ive read quite a few of people have to go on 2 or 3 courses to get it to their liking, and as much as its hard to chose, they were happy after the 2nd or 3rd. ... (3 replies)

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