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... Hello, I am a teen and I was put on accutane. I have been experiencing extremely dry lips and skin, and despite the annoyance of such leathery lips, I can live with that. What worries me, though, is the extreme muscle pain. If I lean forward or bend down and come back up, my back aches so much. The other day I was playing a game with a leadership group, and it was such a mild... (1 replies)
... of Accutane for the past 2 months. ... (2 replies)
... tened it. Each weekly checkup the same story, take some Ibuprofen. Month 4 rolled around and I'd began missing classes due to the pain, and had to stop attending running practices let alone meets, Ibuprofen at all. ... (1 replies)

... Ask your dermatoligist to prescribe you a course of Erythromycin. (12 replies)
... I started taking Accutane and everything was fine. Skin cleared a ton. ... (12 replies)
... Day/Pill #5 40mg Claravis (I apologize in advance for the length of today's post). I may be feeling dry lips coming on. I'm not sure if it's because I've had a cold for about 10 days, and a couple of times I've taken Dayquil, or I'm beginning to feel the initial stuff. I'm sure I'll know soon. Also, I woke up with a small (but painful) whitehead on my jawline. In my... (26 replies)
... and then WAY too low a dosage of Accutane for about six to nine month. That was the first drug that had a noticeable effect... ... (1 replies)
... Hello everyone and thank you for viewing my topic. I'll preface this a little while trying to keep it as pertinent and brief as possible. I'm 20 years old and have been on accutane twice now; first time 40mg, 2nd time 20mg with both times resulting in less than a months duration of taking the medication. The first time I took accutane I stopped three weeks into treatment... (2 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Apr 17, 2009
... Its true, drugs seem to effect people differently. I am opting for the lowest dose possible and still maintain an acne oil and rosacea free face. So far I am running perfect, first on 20mg a day and now 10mg a day. I will try to lower the dosage again upon my next appointment. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Mar 30, 2009
... topicals and even ran a course of accutane at 80mg a day for 5 months back when i was 15 when i had it severe. Worked great and was clear all the way up to 07. ... (250 replies)
... Is any one else experiencing pain from joints? This hurts! I love to workout and I find after each workout (running), that my feet up to my knees are in pain. If I rotate my foot to make a circle is almost unbearable. Or if I am seated for a bit, and try to get up, I am limping like an old person. I hoep this is normal or will stop soon. I want to finish accutane. I have... (8 replies)
... The side effects I got when taking accutane was.. ... (46 replies)
... teen and an adult.. i'm 22 now... I've tried a few different things... the things that helped most were finding the right soap, and accutane... first time i ran accutane i got really bad acne.. stopped taking it early... after about amonth my acne dissappeared.... ... (0 replies)
... Sounds like monkeys are running that Doctors office. ... (4 replies)
... the blood tests are required for both males and females. this is to keep a track of the patient's cholesterol and triglyceride levels, because the ingredients in accutane have the possibility of raising both to unhealthy levels. ... (4 replies)
... Thanks everyone for the advice so far. (Keep it coming though:)) I'm cutting back on everything. I've stopped all the topicals and facial stuff and only applying Cetaphil twice a day and exfoliating twice a week. I've ordered Lipodec with much scepticism, but hey, its cheap and worth a try. I'll do this for a month and see what happens. I then have an appointment with the... (7 replies)
... Well it sounds like to me you are not responding to any treatments. Therefore you should go with the Accutane. I have heard people on here say it cleared them completley even though nothing else worked! It is a hard decision but I would go for it if I were you. I responded really well to Doxy but had to stop it because of yeast infections. (7 replies)
... ybe a simple over the counter thing may work for me. Maybe I should stop everything and see what happens. As time goes on I'm thinking more and more about trying Accutane too. ... (7 replies)
... contact sport at an older age. Right now that you're young, your recovery time is a lot quicker and you might not have to stretch thoroughly before a game, but accutane is going to force you to take better care of your body. I took it 4 years ago while I was in high school and I felt like a 30 year old running around out there. ... (4 replies)
... don't eat dairy products and drink that water but it still plagues me. The nausea ain't that bad usually mild sometimes worse though and I feel like I have acid running through my esophagus, is this serious you think? ... (2 replies)

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