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... effects hormones and in some people that lowers there sex drive. ... (9 replies)
... I'm not going on it but was wondering about the effect on the libido. Did anyone experience loss of sex drive, desire or ability to have orgasms while on accutane? ... (4 replies)
... I myself am not on Accutane, but I have noticed that since my acne has gotten worse my sex drive has diminished. ... (9 replies)

... has anyone noticed a reduced sex drive due to accutane? ... (0 replies)
... Hi sunflowerpower I know quite a few people who have had loss of libido/sex drive whilst on Accutane and off the drug, and I believe there is a causal link between the two, although people are not being warned about this side-effect in the documentation. I am trying to get this side-effect added to the documentation however what is needed is people to report the adverse... (9 replies)
... made you more sexually aware. I had a healthy sex life with my ex for two years during which time I took Roaccutane. ... (4 replies)
Accutane & sex?
Mar 31, 2004
... K, it's probably all in your head. You're already about done with accutane so finish it off. I'm sure your sex drive will come back after you're off. At 19, you have way too much testosterone to be having this problem, so just wait it out. I doubt your girl minds!! ... (5 replies)
... I lost my sex drive ever since my acne got bad. ... (9 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 25, 2009
... event. Now, you should know to put this in context that I am 48. However, this does not happen to me. I am and always have been right up till I started taking Accutane as regular as a clock, 3 to 4 times a week. What I also noticed, and maybe this is more frightening than the failure is that I didn't care. ... (250 replies)
... Without getting into too much detail I have a question for Accutane users... ... (4 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 21, 2009
... flaking of the skin on the face. I know this is personal discussing the sex drive and all....but. When I was researching this drug before taking it I wanted to hear about it. Some people claim it destroyed their sex drive. ... (250 replies)
... I don't know yet what I am going to do, I am researching Diane 35, Accutane and B5! I wonder if I could take both the Diane and the B5? ... (9 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Mar 16, 2009
... Shidoshi, you couldn't be more correct about helping Accutane therapy out. The modern industrial diet has provided us with many new diseases. ... (250 replies)
... clear after one month on this drug. I have decided that my sex drive is slightly dampened but functional after the 600mg that was ingested in the first month. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 25, 2009
... Allrighty then...... update on the sex drive post. Now mind you my moral beliefs prohibit some things. So this is tough for me.. Further attempts to utlize my natural processes met with success. ... (250 replies)
... Acne is not easy to understand... but when you throw Accutane and girls into the mix, you have a chaotic cocktail. ... (4 replies)
... i am on my last month of accutane, and my sex life is hardly there. i feel bad for my fiance because he always wants to have sex, and i never do. it's been like this since i've been on accutane. ... (9 replies)
... holy crap, i'd never change my sex, acne will go away with time and age anyways. Spiro is scary! (21 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Mar 16, 2009
... Its all true. My case in point would be this, either your Doctor just hasn't heard of this side effect before or the multitude of individuals who report loss of sex drive after engaing in Accutane therapy are wrong. Someone has to be right, only one or the other can be true. ... (250 replies)
Low Dose Accutane
Feb 19, 2009
... with.... sorry. Quite a few views of this log have occurred by numerous individuals. I hope this helps someone who may be considering "Low Dose" Accutane. The Accutane experience has controled my oil slick of a face very rapidly. Still no major side effects and the sex drive is still intact. ... (250 replies)

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