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... I agree with you. Accutane is great! It has "cured" me in just a matter of two and a half months. ... (29 replies)
... you know what, why do i even bother... acne cured me, ok , is that what you want to hear, well it did. Whenever i come on here to tell my success today, i get bombarded with negative ugly people telling me weird things. ACCUTANE CURES, DO IT, AND GO ON WITH YOUR LIFE! I am sorry i try to spread the news. (29 replies)
... rs down the line and the real disorders kick in how will you be able to live a normal life then. Roche can get away with it because not many people will make the Accutane correlation so many years down the line. ... (29 replies)

... oh my god accutaneAveneger i can't believe you are still on here avenging accutane, I stopped by. haven't been here in 6 mo. I have been off accutane since december 2003 I have no acne!!!! I find these boards a little discouraging because its usually just the problem people on here, if you have clear skin, or had acne and now are clear, chances are you will not be... (29 replies)
... Well yeah taking accutane to get rid of of oil is the dumbest things i've heard. If you had good skin, why would you take accutane knowing its dangerous? ... (29 replies)
... Are there any accurate statistics regarding Accutane's long-term or permanent side-effects that correspond to dosage levels and duration of the course e.g. - taking a dosage of say 40mg for one month will have a 5% chance of incurring long-term or permanent side-effects. - taking a dosage of 40mg for another consecutive month will double the risk and so on... ... (29 replies)
... That is not true. Even if KOPOLI'S dry eyes will get better for a while it might STRIKE years down the road. What's going on here that when you start to have "dry eyes syndrom" it will ONLY GET WORST. Statistics are WRONG. How do you get statistics? from reporting right right. But most people will not report because there is no compensation to it(you will not get any... (29 replies)
... about the vision problem... I just finished my accutane treatment 4 days ago and though I know it takes a while for it to leave my system, my eyes are still unbearably dry. ... (29 replies)
... I'm suffering from VISION LOSS due to accutane. Accutane makes vision fluctuations due to DRYNESS of your tear's gland. I've started wearing glasses together with the accutane. ... (29 replies)
... Does anybody know the percentages of Accutane success? ... (29 replies)
... some people may experience more serious side effects depending on other health conditions, etc. The statistics presented to me by our dermatologist were promising so we took the chance. ... (10 replies)
... effects and wondering if anyone has any personal thoughts about the medication itself or has any statistics about how often the more serious side effects occur. ... (6 replies)
... she rec. accutane and I said that I thought it was pretty controversial and I'm not so sure. ... (17 replies)
... accutane, i do still get breakouts and they leave those annoying redmarks. I tried to get my derm to put me back on accutane 6 months ago, but she wouldn't. But I'm probably gonna go back to her and basically beg for it. ... (27 replies)
... if your looking to gather realistic statistics then the internet is probably the wrong place to do so. ... (7 replies)
... Yes, the info is "out there" so to speak, but the statistics aren't. ... (7 replies)
Accutane fear
Apr 21, 2005
... Khan I am sorry to hear you have had so much trouble, it sounds like you are not letting it keep you down. You never know until you take the accutane wether or not you will be one of those statistics.. ... (3 replies)
... etc. If a 14 year old takes it, chances are he will develop acne again. If a 22 year old takes it the chances are certainly much slimmer. But I think overall Accutane is a very potent and effective medication, but to the point of lasting 10 years... I don't think I agree with that. ... (4 replies)
... a million people get those side effects is a hyperbole...that is exaggeration used for emphasis. I was emphasizing the fact that the more serious side effects of accutane don't happen to everyone. They are EXTREMELY rare. The makers of the drug just have to list them because a few people got those effects. ... (20 replies)
... zshock I am sure you made up that 1 in a million have liver problems with Accutane. Because all derms are required to monitor liver function for all Accutane users. That indicates more than a 1 in a million chance. Use your head. ... (20 replies)

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