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... and nothing was working for me permanently. So when I went on Accutane the first time I had acne on face but the majority of it was on my chest and back. ... (40 replies)
Accutane question
Mar 15, 2006
... I would really love for you to visit mine and La's thread. It is called "La and Al's Accutane Support Group." Reading our experiences may help educate you in your decision. ... (5 replies)
... ize and how long you've been on Accutane. I weigh about 145 so I guess 80 mg is the norm. for me and girls in that weight range. This is also my 2nd treatment of Accutane so that might play another factor into why i'm on 80 mg...maybe my body can tolerate it more and better since I've been on the medicine before. ... (40 replies)

... My 2nd course of Accutane treatment is going EXTREMELY well! Especially compared to my first course of Accutane. ... (40 replies)
... me. Denial, denial, denial..... Well, it's time to do something. I just had my bloodwork done yesturday and as long as that's okay I'll pick up my script for accutane next week. I'm very excited and nervous at the same time. ... (40 replies)
... had noticed earlier that day that my vision was absolutely terrible! Well, I started thinking that I'd been having headaches for several days, so I got out the Accutane pamphlet and read that if a person starts having severe headaches, blurred vision, dizziness, etc. ... (40 replies)
... Hey everyone! I thought I should post my results thus far. Well, I'm LOVING Accutane!! I've hardly had a new breakout and I'm just in the second month! I would normally wake up with 3 new ones and possible have one pop up during the course of the day, but now, I wake up and look at my face and am so pleased!! I still have slight scarring and pigment issues (dark spots... (40 replies)
... ank you so much lexla!!! That's exactly what I needed to know. I'm really glad I asked before I went ahead with it. Would you like to share your experience on Accutane with us all? ... (40 replies)
... hey! glad your doing well. As far as the mircodermabrasion kit ... NO!! :) unfortunalty, your not supposed to do ANY kind of '' treatment'' while on is way too sensitive. my derm said anything including facials/peels/micro has to wait until 6 months after or it can actually take skin off or make you look like a lobster. hope it continues to go well for you. :) (40 replies)
... Hey all! I'm still doing well on my Accutane. Since my derm lowered my dosage, though, my hair has been getting oily at a much faster rate. This is like my biggest complaint because I have to wash it more often, haha. Ok, I'm really wanting to know if I can use a microdermabrasion kit (like from Wal-Mart). I want to try to heal my skin and make it smoother as I... (40 replies)
... Hello Andertrack and welcome to our support group! ... (40 replies)
... I went on accutane last week and have a quick question. ... (40 replies)
... haha. It has been wonderful knowing I don't have to get up so early and go through that whole routine. I'm loving Accutane so far. I have no complaints other than the muscle pain. I can definitely tell that Accutane has effected that, but it's not unbearable. ... (40 replies)
... yways...Al, I asked my derm. about taking Vitamin E...just to be on the safe side and my dad said to ask,also..and she said that was completely fine to take with Accutane and she likes Vitamin E, so I've continued to take it and I def. think it's helped with the dryness. ... (40 replies)
... l moisturizer, Vitamin E, and a humidifier that puts out a light, cold mist. I had spent the night at my friend, Heather's, house the previous night and she's on Accutane as well and has the humidifier with a light mist and I loved it!! Especially when your nose is dry, then I just stick my face in the mist and breathe in. ... (40 replies)
... e. I do know that after my course of Accutane, I'm going to do a full body cleanse to rid myself of any toxins that may be built up in me, and to get rid of the Accutane in my system. As for the moisturizers and makeup, neither interfere with the efficacy of the medicine. PLEASE moisturize your face. ... (40 replies)
... like sores or "cuts" on the inside of my mouth lately and not sure if the accutane has caused or contributed to them. Might just be all the bad food I've been eating over the holidays. ... (40 replies)
... pefully that will NOT be the case. As to my moisturizer, I think I'm going to go to the drugstore soon and try the Cetaphil moisturizer since I've seen that many Accutane patients use it. My Dove moisturizer is great when it's not winter and when I'm not on Accutane and completely dried out,but right's not workin'. ... (40 replies)
... oh for whoever was saying that they have a hard time not picking at their zits, for the love of god if you want to avoid what i went through on accutane DONT PICK AT YOUR FACE!!! ... (40 replies)
... nor did I start out at a lower dosage, so I was surprised to hear that so many of you are doing that. I am 34 years old, and just now taking the plunge into the accutane pool. And for those of you who think zits clear up as you get older... not necessarily!! Mine's actually gotten worse in some ways. ... (40 replies)

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