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... id not schedule another appointment with them...and I went right home and made an appointment at a third derms office...and thank god I did. This derm put me on Accutane and I have been on it for 6 months now and I am clear! Still have scarring, but no new break outs. ... (6 replies)
... Thank you for the wealth of knowledge in your post! I will get on this ASAP. I can weed through most things, but vitamins have always been a difficult thing for me so I really appreciate your help. I went to my one month check up today. ... (216 replies)
... Thanks all...I'm gettin views from both sides here, maybe some more views would help. I heard that weed doesnt affect accutane, If anyone could gimme some input on this I would really appreciate it. ... (11 replies)

... Maybe I just don't know how bad it is... but I am just about to go on Month 5 in April and I have drank a bit the whole time on Accutane. I get my bloodwork and everything done each month and my doc says they everything is still all fine. I tend to maybe drink every other wknd... but I am not a heavier drinker but I have drank. I dunno if I am giving you good feedback but... (11 replies)
... Hey, I'm on my third month of accutane and my senior prom is in less than 2 months. I'll still be on accutane, and me and my friends have a huge mansion in the hamptons for 2 days after prom! ... (11 replies)
Accutane Question
Feb 22, 2005
... Weed's pretty hard on the liver too believe it or not. THC collects in the liver. It's still no where near enough to harm you on accutane. (5 replies)
... i smoked a joint yesterday on accutane and it didnt negatively affect me at all. helped with the back ache actually. ... (6 replies)
Last Accutane Pill
Dec 20, 2004
... LOL Soulman. I don't do drugs. I used to push all the hair off my forehead and now it's back. I was just going for a new look and I've read that bangs are back. :) (36 replies)
Last Accutane Pill
Dec 20, 2004
... neck thing has gone since I stop oratane, which is generic to accutane. Now I have some patches on my back.That's hard to reach. Is your dermatitis a result from accutane or you had them prior. My legs sufferred from ezcema, maybe i'll say from university stress and would you believe it...1 and a half year of minocin oral anti. ... (36 replies)
Accutane Journal
Dec 8, 2004
... itial breakout thing, but then again maybe not, who really knows. Right now all i have is dry sinus area, sore back, and some headaches. anyone know if smoking weed is bad while on tane? ... (672 replies)
... People hear all these horror stories about accutane because you dont hear many stories about how WELL accutane worked for people, because their out enjoying their clear face! Hundreds of thousands of people have taken accutane... ... (10 replies)
... I wouldnt but its okay. It doesnt interact with the accutane both weed and cigarettes (2 replies)
... you have nothing to worry about, they will not test for weed and it won't effect your liver values or tryglyceride levels. ... (9 replies)
... Or for accutane do they not even do this? ... (9 replies)
... what do u know about smoking weed while on accutane? ... (10 replies)
... looking at my zits. I really think it makes my skin oilier also, thats the main reason I want to try to quit for atleast a week. As far as the chemicals in the weed making me depressed, or accutane making me depressed...I dont think that can happen. I have a lot of mind control over how my body feels and how I act. ... (15 replies)
... but I don't think weed will give you any physical problems. ... (15 replies)
... To be honest with you, I am going to avoid everything I can...even cut back on weed. Hopefully once I clear, I will never go back to doing any of that stuff. Hopefully I can go out and a find a good girl for once who stays outta trouble and doesnt even smoke cigarettes, so I would quit too. More than likely not reality, but wishful thinking. At this point in my life, I... (15 replies)
... All those chemicals can't be good for you. I don't think it's wise to use drugs with Accutane, because Accutane can really change your internal chemistry. Think of your skin. It becomes very fragile. If you itch, you will bleed. ... (15 replies)
... No no no. Drugs have been around me my whole life, I am used to them. I dont drink. I smoke weed for stress. I moved to a state where I have no friends. I sit at my house, smoke a bowl, and watch a movie....basically every night. ... (15 replies)

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