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... gas from accutnae that continues after treatment? ... (0 replies)
... b's i was on. now i'm on accutnae and still use the cleocin lotion twice a day. it's great, really gentle, but effective still, on surface blemishes. ... (1 replies)
... Freerider ~ I'll be in Northern Washington for 18 months spreading the Good Word and volunteering my time to the local communities for various service projects. I have a hard time taking my eyes off myself too, so I know what you mean. I think its really cool that you want to help AIDS orphans in Africa and I really hope you get to do that next year. It's comforting to know... (13 replies)

... Just go bald. Shave it all off. Problem solved. (13 replies)
... Falco, we appreciate your honesty and encouragement. Where are you going for your missions service? I may be on my way to Africa in 2005 to spend a year or more working with the AIDS orphans. I agree with you, it's amazing how much better you feel about yourself when you're serving someone else. But taking my eyes off myself is harder than I like to admit. (13 replies)
... I agree 100% with Chyna_dawl and Freerider. I know how hard it is it feel good about yourself when you think that something is wrong with you. I spent many of my teenage years lonely and depressed because I couldn't see past my own problems. But then I got older and one day I just realized that my perceptions needed to change. I decided that I wasn't going to let myself be... (13 replies)
... To Iwantacure and others who may be depressed here-- please look around at the world before you start wishing for your dying day. I catch myself frequently saying "whoa is me, why can't I enjoy life without the slavery of acne, like everyone else I know". But then I look in the newspaper and see that 2 thousand people just died in Haiti and the Sudanese people are dying at... (13 replies)
... Hey Iwantacure, Acne is so much more worse than wearing glasses! I'm hoping the Accutane helped you somewhat. It made my skin good for about a year and a half. The acne came back of course - but in a milder/moderate form. You should get trendy glasses - they can be fun. I'm blind, I have acne, and I had to once wear braces if it makes you feel any better! Don't wish... (13 replies)
... My vision never got back to normal and I have a sever dry eyes syndrom which unable me to wear contacts. I have never needed to wear glasses before acctuane! never!. I had a perfect vision. More than perfect even. Every day in my life is a hell. I walk without glasses and see blurry just like a blind person. If a drug can make you wear glasses that's a very bad drug. The... (13 replies)
... I'm sorry to hear about your bad experience. Personally, I think accutane is a miracle pill and so does my brother. He looks great after taking it and his hair is still nice and thick. It's been over a year since he's been off it. I have not lost any hair either, but I'm still on the drug. Hopefully, I won't -knock on wood. However, my friend did loose some hair... (13 replies)
... I would say it slightly started to fall out about a month after I got off. It never seemed to happen when I was on. My hair was much dryer when I was on it though. I would guess about a month, thingds will get better... Agree? (13 replies)
... Did you hair thin while you were on Accutane, or did it start after you got off. There is a VERY good chance that your hair will go back to normal. You need to give it time, since you’ve only been off of Accutane for two months. As for the dry skin on your body, that is perfectly normal. It will get better with time. (13 replies)
... I am so sorry to hear about your vision! I hope everything works out. Anyways, I wasen't on a long time and I didn't experience many side affects, so I don't think I will have many further problems. Do you agree? My acne stopped a long time ago before accutane. I just needed to clear up the blotchiness underneath. I don't think my acne will return. More importantly, when did... (13 replies)
... Yes, Accutane is not good. It's like-- the heater in your house stops working in January, so the dermatologist tells you to light your house on fire to keep warm. I'm still suffering the side effects of the accutane I took 6 years ago. But to encourage you, the hair thinning I experienced is no longer a problem. My hair is thick as ever. My dry skin is less dry. The... (13 replies)
... Yes. The same here. Accutane is not a good drug. I used to have thick hair also, now it's thin and I'm getting depressed on a daily basis. (13 replies)
... I was on accutane for only 4 months on 40 mg. It worked great on my skin though it is still oily. I'm 16 year old boy and I've been off 2 months and my hair is thinning quite much. I've always had thick hair. 2 pharmasists said that it should come back and so did my derm, but I have been reading these HORRIBLE horror stories on the internet of people that still have thin hair... (13 replies)
... Still wouldn't hurt to ask, now would it? (37 replies)
... You must not have read my most recent post. I don't get many zits at all since i went off accutnae, and have only had one cyst on my face in my entire life. I only plan on using it very sparingly. (37 replies)
... I said this before and ill say it again you try out too many damm products, let time heal them all these products have the same basic ingredients in them, you keep using new ones and giving them only a week to work your only worseing your face and chances for new breakouts, plus ur on accutane your not suppose to put anythign on it while your taking accutane. Will you stop... (12 replies)
... months it will come back like the accutnae has a time released formula in it to active your acne again if it comes back its your body. ... (6 replies)

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