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... Hello everyone. I have been suffering with an awful form of “acne” if that’s what you want to call it. I get recurring boils and carbuncles on my bum consistently. I will share with you everything I have tried to stop these from recurring. I have a dermatologist appointment in September, until then.. I am willing to try anything!! I have done round after round of... (0 replies)
... You really do not want to soak in tea tree oil as it will definitely burn sensitive tissues- especially in the private area. Tea tree oil can be used full strength directly on the skin; however, it shouldn't be used for long periods of time at full strength as it can really start to burn the skin... If you are using it to assist with acne, you might want to talk to your... (2 replies)
... Hi everybody, after two months of moving to Australia for studying, I started getting acne like bumps that contain a yellow fluid. After a while, it will burst and the yellow fluid would leak out and turn crusty. ... (0 replies)

... Try using a body wash with salaclyic acid in it. You can find them at any drug store or Walmart. Anything which is made for acne (look in the acne/ skin care aisle) will help clear up the breakouts and help you get clear! (1 replies)
... I have acne on my chest and back. It also has red spots along with dry and itchy skin as well. ... (1 replies)
... I moved recently from northern California to Arizona on December of last year and I noticed that my face broke out immediately. I have several health issues that would contribute to acne but nothing has changed except the move, I believe it has to do with the different type of water here but I don't know what I could do or what products I could use. I have extremely... (0 replies)
... I can't say that this has been an issue for me, but we are all different of course. Perhaps it could still be hormones being 18, and given the age that the acne issues began for you? ... (2 replies)
... question. how was that diagnosed. My son is 13 and having lots of test for treble aches and fatigue . he also has very bad acne (2 replies)
... Stress and both sugar and carbs are triggers for acne. Avoiding them will help acne considerably but not "cure" it. ... (6 replies)
... I have a nephew and niece and their parents both had really bad acne and I just know without a doubt once they hit puberty bad acne is going to hit them hard unless there is some sort of treatment breakthrough in the next decade. ... (6 replies)
... Google NEEM. Wouls suggest zero sugar as it is bad for insides! It can give inner body yeast infections. That alone can cause many side effects to inclde acne. Neem can be found at a local Indian store. Oil, poders and capsules if they have the leaves, seep them in pure water drink several times a day. Its bitter, smells not so good but medicinal properties are AMAZING. ... (6 replies)
... I have been diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency at the age of 14. I take tablets of Hydrocortisone and Fludrocortisone daily. Since then I have been getting acne since the age of 15. ... (2 replies)
... it needs to be treated differently than regular acne. I suffered with cystic acne for 10 years of my life.. ... (6 replies)
... Hey everyone. I know y'all aren't doctors but I'd really love some advice for clearing up my acne. I've had acne starting from teenage years of course. Now I'm 20. ... (6 replies)
... She will need to see a Dermatologist. Acne has multiple treatments and the Dermatologist needs to find right one. (1 replies)
... How do I cure a very bad acne that has been on my sister's face past one weeks. ... (1 replies)
... Thank you for sharing your concerns and warning. I have read numerous accounts via Google about the safety and been unable to draw any solid conclusions from the often conflicting and confusing advice (as usual!). These range from very safe to very dangerous! UV sensitivity is one other concern I've read about. I've certainly noticed no adverse effects at all during the 3... (2 replies)
... Vitamin E should never be taken at more than 400 IUs without being prescribed by a doctor. This vitamin comes with allot of side effects. People with high blood pressure taking BP drugs should not take Vitamin E, nor should people on cholesterol drugs. You also should be aware that this is an anticoagulant, and thins the blood and should not be taken if any type of surgery is... (2 replies)
... Hello to all acne sufferers from a newbie to this forum. ... (2 replies)
... break out worse and worse but when my mom saw Proactiv on a tv commercial she got it for me and ever since we bought it I am so glad to say that my face has been acne free I mean when you run out it sucks cause you break out like crazy and then when you get more it all cleans up fast and when I say fast I mean FAST!!!!! ... (0 replies)

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