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... mg buproprion. This is a new dose of aderall after i tried 20mg ir, which seemed to work but for only short periods of time and i found myself taking 3 of them a day just to keep from crashing at like 7 pm. ... (1 replies)
... Thanks so much for both of your replies. I feel he is experiencing the "crash" effect. I will say this evening went much better! He has been taking Aderall for 5 days. The only new symptom he mentioned today is he feels short of breathe at times. What are your thoughts on this? ... (15 replies)
... We started the Aderall to help with the impulsiveness. Stratera was not doing the job for that anymore. We have talked about it happening again this evening. ... (15 replies)

Aderall XR?
Apr 7, 2005
... I will begin taking Aderall XR as prescribed by my doctor and therapist on Monday. I'm an artist and i'm a bit afraid of what it could do to me. ... (5 replies)
... a day just to "get by" this week my doc. is switting me to strattera....i see alot of ppl had problems with that and switched to aderall. Anyone who was on the aderall then switched to strattera? ... (5 replies)
... You should have felt something, easier focus, less scatterdness, something, anything, on a dosage that high, even though you're big, your brain is the same size as anybody's and should have responded to what did reach it. I had the same experience with the Ritalin side of the equation; NOTHING. Except a head cold. THat was IT, so I dropped it and we went to Adderall: I was... (4 replies)
... (4 replies)
... You really aren't suppose to "feel" something. I don't feel any different if you feel something your dose is too high. I am more focus but still feel like me no different. I take 40 mg of XR. 22 year old female. (4 replies)
... Probably different for each person and each body type. I am high as a kite, spun out my mind at around 40-60mg. 90mg is like a clean, but powerful methamphetamine high. My friend was doing upwards of 90-140mg a day and went into meth-induced psychosis. Thought he was a prophet and messenger for a new religious revolution for about 2 years. Spiraled out of control, went to... (4 replies)
... I'm re-visiting ADHD (PI). I worked with my GP a few years back, the treatment including an attempt at 20mg Adderall but which then moved (because it was ineffective) through Ritalin, Vyvnase, and Concerta. None of those others had any effect either, which is why I gave up. I am male, 50, 5'8", and at 270lbs I'm a big guy. This time I'm working with a psychiatrist. He's... (4 replies)
Aderall - 30mg xr
Apr 12, 2014
... That's the dose I just went up to this past week. All the side effects you describe are common, although I haven't experienced those side effects, the ones I did experience did subside after a few months. I've noticed they've returned now that I've gone up on my dose, but expect them to subside again after awhile. The inability to ejaculate could be from the other med... (1 replies)
... Back in May I was prescribed 60mg IR aderall a day, I felt like this was a bit much so over the summer I stopped taking adderall regularly. I made 60 30mg pills last me over three months. ... (0 replies)
... they went away within a theyve come back worse. i do work outside,upsdriver,but it hasnt been hot. i go to the tanning bed but maybe twice a aderall is generic and have been on it for myabe lil over a month..first 5mg which did nothing then 15 which couldnt find so would take three 5mgs twice a day. ... (1 replies)
... oh, i also want to say that I've tried pretty much everything for adhd and the one that worked BEST was concerta but it made me really irritable, so my doctor suggested we try vyvanse since its different but also a stimulant. I've also tried aderall, welbutrin, nuvigil, and strattera. (8 replies)
... WOW, you and I almost the same situation. Aderall is based on a high fat diet. I learned that from researching the net. Make sure you eat well while taking it or it will make you on edge and jiddery. ... (8 replies)
In bad shape. :(
Jul 11, 2010
... I have been taking 30 mg. of Vyvance each day since Friday. I feel much more focused and huge difference from the Aderall I took. I don't have the side effects I had with Adderall either. I have a little upset stomach but nothing like before. ... (20 replies)
... I guess all amphetamines seem to have the "weight-loss" effect simply from boosting metabolism and depression of the appetite center at the same time. This effect makes it a productive weight-loss mechanism but most Dr.,s will tend to be conservative on who they prescribe it for because it is one of the most addictive drugs. Morbidly obese people are often Rx'ed amphetamines... (9 replies)
... Adderrall was originally marketed in the 60's as a weight-loss med, called Obitrol. It re-emerged in the late 90's as a "new ADHD Med" and was found to be a pretty effective one. Unlike Dexedrine, Adderrall contains a combo of 4 different amphetamine salts instead of 1. I think the mixture works against those who might take too much of it by producing a "tired effect", having... (9 replies)
... Cynthialee, Dexedrine CR was most effective for me. Getting the prescription was easy enough, getting the prescription filled (in Pennsylvania) was the show stopper. Vyvanse may help you. Vyvanse's active ingredient is 100% dextroamphetamine. You'll have no problems getting Vyvanse prescriptions filled assuming you have good insurance and a very deep pocketbook. ... (9 replies)
... I've tried most all of the ADD meds -- I'm in my 50s -- and have found nothing that works better for me than plain ole Dex tablets. I take 10 mg if I really need to focus, get organized, start and complete a project; if I simply need to focus enough to get off the couch or take out the trash, I take 5 mg. I've found that any extended release meds work horribly for me. (9 replies)

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